If I were President for the day Essay

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If I were President for the day

To be a president of this great nation is such an honor in my part. If I am given a chance to be a president for the day, I would spend it doing things what a president must be doing. Yes, it is a very short term however I will make sure that my agenda are attainable for that day but have everlasting results for the welfare of my nation and to my fellow country man; thus, making ordinary things extraordinary to make a difference. The first move that I will do is to jail the drug lords.

Drug addiction causes crimes that weaken our economy. Secondly, I will have a short talk to our youth. I strongly believe that the youth is the future of our tomorrow. The kind of youth we have at present determines the kind of life and government we will be having in the future. If our youth is misguided and has not given proper attention by the present government, what kind of youth do you expect then? Thirdly, I will visit the remotest area and try to see what could be done for their economic growth.

I may start giving them livelihood projects that can make them productive. I will also seek the farmers and do my best to encourage them to produce more crops and cattle so that our nation will not be dependent in importing agricultural products. Lastly, I will give special training programs for those who are out of school youth so that their attention will be diverted into positive activities rather than staying on streets and take drugs.

This will make them fruitful and develop their skills which can help them find jobs and earn on their own. As a conclusion, I will encourage the whole nation to work hand in hand and not to think of themselves alone. We should learn to extend our hand to those who are in need and show them some concern. We are one nation and one government.

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