If I Were President Essay

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If I Were President

If I were president, I would focus on the central issue that will carry this country into the future: education. Education is the reason we are living in such an advanced time. We have touch screen, motion activated, voice command, and all these amazing things and all we have to thank is education. It has been our roots and rocks for years, and should be for many more to reach our high point.

Education, although a long-term investment, will benefit this nation better than bailouts, mandatory health care coverage for children, investment in new energy sources, or the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Although it appears that there are more important, situations that the United States is facing now, the fact is that with an increase in education comes a decrease in these problems in the future. Without education, society will never understand the effects of drugs, the difference between religions, the importance of financial security for emergencies, the requirement for energy independence, or the need for health insurance.

Education gives Americans higher wages, job flexibility and security, and growth in American ingenuity; however, education also gives one piece for prosperity that neither a government handout or an energy efficient car can bring, hope. One learns that with education come endless opportunities in all aspects. Throughout the world, education has brought hope for people. A chance for education brought hope to the young Afghan girl who finally learned to read.

Education is one of few things that people can carry with them all their lives. Often times, what we learn in school, sticks with us for a long time to come. The need for Education can never be stressed enough! I believe that the more we are able to get children interested in getting their full education earlier in life, more people would be more successful. If we could have strongly educated teachers reaching out to kids and leading them down the path to the right education, I believe more of America would be successful.

Had it not been for education, where do you think we’d be today? No phone, no internet, no electricity, no anything. We would live in a completely dead place. We would still be using men to carry stone, math to line pyramids up with the stars, leaves as clothes, and stick and stones to fight wars. I would stress education as much as possible because clearly, it was our past, it’s our present, and it will be out future!

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