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If I Were a Millionaire Short

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Everyone have dreams andand every dream is unlike with each others. Some of them want to be a teacher, and slightly of them want to be an astronaut, but for me, I have in interesting and marvelous dream. My dream is to become a millionaire. If I were a millionaire, would life have to change for me?

Would I overhaul it every(prenominal) on myself and my family.But, how would I do that, I already have all that I want for a palmy and happy living, how and what would I add? Could then I be in a position to stand by others in need, with that money, as, with a million to spare, I could render a lot of help to several people in need.

I shall invest few of my money in prize bonds, saving

Certificates and the like. In this way I shall not yet hold fast benefit for Myself but besides help my pastoral in its development plans.

Further, I shall clear schools and colleges that will realize free education with Board and populate to poor students. I shall

Set out on a world tour to know about the living conditions and springer of different nations. It will give me first hand knowledge slightly life in other countries. I would spend all this money as my contribution towards mans rudimentary needs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

A storehouse of knowledge would be constructed in the excogitate of a public library, at the doors of which, poor people would get free education.

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It will contain a large fleck of valuable and rare books. It would help in making the poor, moralistic and self reliant.

This library would have books which, besides knowledge, would also give the readers insight into their behaviors. I would also start for the poor only some vocational centres where they would be taught skills by virtue of which, they would, at a later stage be able to get a livelihood. The plight of the poor sick in our country is absolutely heart rending. I would like to ensure give-and-take of the urban poor in good, well established hospitals. This would be financed by me for at least a few patients.

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If I Were a Millionaire Short
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