If I Could Have Vote: Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton is an American women who ran for president in 2016 against Donald Trump. Hillary was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, she attended Yale University were she got her law degree from. Before Hillary became a democrat she was leaning more to the republican side and attended some republican campaigns during her younger years, but after hearing Martin Luther King Jr. speech she became a democrat in 1968. Democrat Hillary, was first woman ever to run for president, back in 2008 she gave us a heads up that she would be running for the presidency election.

During the 2008 democratic choice she allow the nomination when it became apparent that Barack Obama held majority of the delegate vote. After winning the election Obama selected  Clinton as secretary of state. She was sworn in as part of Barack cabinet in January 2009 and served until 2013. Hillary ran for president her husband was a former president, she was the first lady from 1993 until 2001.

In 2016 when she ran obviously she didn’t win but she had the most votes by the people, but the people votes barley counts if you ask me but electoral college elects our president and we have a representative to represent us as in the people and our opinions rather you vote or not your opinion still matter, March 2015 Clinton faced a rumpus and got criticise.

When it was revealed that she had used her personal email address to handle official governmental business during her time as secretary of state. She claimed is was for convenience allowed by the protocol department later on she gave up the email and some say that she deleted some messages but no one will ever find out if she lying or not, both candidates Clinton and Trump lied about certain things and both was going hard for the spot they wanted Hillary started a campaign and was in lead with popular votes president Trump turned around and did the same thing and blamed it all on the democrats.

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Before Clinton platform she focused mainly on rising the income of the middle class, women’s rights and improving the affordable care act. Let’s get this straight Trump and Hillary were both bad candidates ok so what but Hillary gave good things she would do to help the people in my opinion Trump gave some good things they both were saying bad things also.

In my opinion if i could have vote in the 2016 election not because she’s a women not because i don’t like trump and he doesn’t know what he is doing but because i checked her background and look and look at her campaign and videos of her giving her speeches and reasons and plus she have more government experience and has her husband by her side and he was president before. See to me Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing he can’t control what’s going on and how to work the system really well he haven’t done much for us but if only if Hillary would have won she would probably do more than what our current president is doing and maybe control some things.

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