Idolatrous Love : A new Approach to Othello

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Othello can be said to be amazing war hero. Unfortunately, his fame and power come to a tragic end. In the play Othello, is seen as powerful, less- intelligent, killing “ barbarian.” The play can be said to capture of the worshiping love that Othello portrays towards desdomona. This love is quite common especially in young males. It can be argued that Othello’s idolatry separates him from soldier to civilian. This makes him seem human in way. It can be said that all those who posses “idolatrous” love are blinded of rational and logical thinking.

Othello’s Occupation , (C.F. Burgess)

A tragic hero, thats how many critics describe Othello in Shakespeare’s play. Burgess argues that Othello can also be seen as a “ christian tragic hero.” Someone who is doomed by one forced error. Ultimately, hurting himself and all those around him. Othello values his identity more of a soldier than a lover in actuality. Upon finding out that Desdomona has cheated on him, Othello feels weakened and powerless.

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Its as if his occupation means absolutely nothing if he doesn’t have his love. His military strength is seen unlike any other in the play. The way he moves , acts, and reacts are always in sync, together. Othello is a nobel skilled soldier. However Othello was not all perfect. His social inquiries were proven to be weak or sub par. His decision making- skills when dealing with civilians proved to harm in ways that he could not have even foreseen.

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Othello can be described as an everyday man. Schwartz discusses how Othello is shined as the hero. She argues that however his actions towards desdomona were gruesome, they were still however noble. She goes on to say that not only are Othello’s characteristics common, but they are also found in every man. That men share the same feelings and personas as him. She implies that almost all men have an inner “barbaric” side inside of them. It is suggested that Othello’s downfall was due to his “moral flaws.” He was a victim of “egotism.” He allowed his own persona to captivate everyone around him,

First source: I could use this source to show and to compare Othello’s human side vs his soldier/ military side. I would use this source to help analyze who othello was as person. To capture his true feelings and intellectuality. I do agree with the source. It seems to agree that Othello is seen as a strong, precise moor in battlefield, he is morally flawed as an individual. He lets his emotions and ego get the better of him. It’s almost as if Othello cannot distinguish when he is on the battlefield and when he is not. This source will help support my analysis on Othello.

Second Source : This source highlights Othello’s lack of rational thinking and decision making skills. He worships desdomona as a goddess. The writer argues how Idolatrous love can make people do the unthinkable. I agree with what the writer has presented. She makes a valid point. When I look to write the paper on Othello’s analysis, I can use this source to captivate how weak minded he is. And how he allows love to blind him completely of his conscience.

Third Source : The third source I do not agree with their interpretation of Othello. They see his actions as noble. The article goes on to say that all of us have some kind of Othello in us. However I think that this is somewhat biased. I will use this source to spark a controversy in my essay. I think it will fit in well if I give my take on someone else’s point of view. I could take their perspective and compare it to today’s modern men in society.

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