Identifying Sustainability Plan Effect Essay

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Identifying Sustainability Plan Effect

The issue of terrorism is not the only one over which the countries are focusing on; in fact, there is another hot burning issue of ‘Global Warming’ that is causing the depletion of ozone layer, melting ice, raising sea levels, and so the temperature too. In this paper, I would be acting as a consultant who is hired by Princeton University, and would be draw attention to the alarming causes of greenhouse gas and devise a sustainability plan that can overcome those issues.

Global warming is fundamentally caused by excessive emission of greenhouse gases that are the chemical compounds present in the atmosphere of Earth. These gases damage the ozone layer and allow the sunlight to easily penetrate into the atmosphere and as result sunstrokes, skin cancer, and other diseases happen too. Here, in the United States, these emissions come from the ignition of fossil fuels that are used for energy purposes, since the economic growth is highly dependent upon energy sector (eia, 2008).

Greenhouse gases include Carbon dioxide, methane gas, nitrous oxide, and fluorocarbons, transmit infrared radiations into the atmosphere that raise the temperature due to the breaking of ozone layer, hence causing many other issues (Cohen & Hopwood, n. d). Sustainability Plan Considering the ongoing issue of global warming, it is the responsibility of the educational and as well as other institutions to increase the awareness among the people regarding it, and formulate certain strategies that aim on restraining such issues.

Now let’s discuss the effects of a sustainability plan that would have over several organizational aspects of Princeton University. Vision Princeton University should design its vision that not only focuses on the production of quality students with outstanding knowledge and grades, but also on teaching the students about the sustainable development in the future for a greener tomorrow for future generations. Mission The mission of this university should be the commencement of new degree programs and courses related to Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurial Management that focuses on initiating ‘Green’ businesses.

Organization If the sustainability plan is to be implemented in Princeton University then there would be a prominent change in the whole organization, ranging from the advancement in its technologies, processes, procedures, organizational design, policies, etc. The university would have to set up new infrastructure and technologies for the purpose of assisting students to come and learn from it, use them for research purposes, and adopt newer and greener ways of living life.

As far as the enabling of technology and processes is concerned, the university would have to invest a great amount of money in bringing on new technologies, machineries, equipments, infrastructure, and most importantly, the intellectual capital that would be present in experts, scientists, and experienced professors. In other words, the resources for the students should be provided with which they can learn the practical application of what they learn in books, because without application they would be wasting what they studied.

Moreover, processes would be shaped in a way where the emphasis would be laid on the practicality of the concept and not just the theories itself. This would have to deal with some sort of change in the organizational design in which the policies, preferences, faculty, teaching criteria, and curriculum would be modified. People Attracting and maintaining talented students, faculty, and other staff members should be the first priority of the university, since it’s all about the students who learn and progress and the faculty who teach them.

Faculty members who may include scientists, cosmologists, or environmentalists, should be provided with sufficient resources to conduct research and development. They might be sent abroad for participating in conferences, workshops, and seminars from where they can train themselves accordingly, which later would result fruitful for the students who would get up-to-date knowledge about the current happenings, issues, developments, and solutions for them.

Teaching the students would not suffice; in fact, they should be encouraged to indulge in the practicality of the studies. University should arrange certain contests and business plan competitions where the students would be asked to participate and come up with the most feasible business that is sustainable and green. Moreover, the students of IT may engage in developing certain products, equipments, and technologies that might be used at a later stage for greener tomorrow, for instance, electric cars and solar energy chargers.

Just as every employee needs rewards for keeping him motivated and directed; students are no exception (Robbins & Judge, 2007). Based on their achievements in the competitions, they must be encouraged by offering them scholarships, money prizes, and medals. Conclusion Therefore, it is the responsibility of universities to make their students aware of the changing environmental conditions and offer them, opportunities and resources to explore and ascertain newer ways of living and doing business for having a better and greener tomorrow.

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