Identifying and Analysing an Ethical Issue

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In business, ethical issues is the circumstances where a moral clash appears and must be resolve or tented it. Now in the worldwide, it is an event where an ethical standard is addressed. Ethical issues also is an issue that happens when it gave a choice, the situation or action make a conflict with a general public’s ethical standard. The conflict is sometimes legally dangerous because some certain alternative to solve the issue may violate specific laws. Both of the individual and organization can be engaged with these conflicts, since any of their exercises may be put the question from an ethical of view.

Next, the individual is dependent on these issues in their association with some different individual or in their own relationship whit the business and also same goes for the business. In different cases, this issue probably won’t have lawful outcomes however it may cause a negative response from the third party. The other way, ethical issue is also a the challenging because they are hard to manage if no rules or point of the reference are known.

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As a result, many professional associations and industry associations have developed codes of this ethics that have been discussed and allowable by the key members to give a helpful framework for the organization and individual to make an advisable decision whatever they are facing one of the conflicts.

Example of Ethical Issue

  1. Discrimination In The Workplace – In every business should to know about enemy of separation laws and the guidelines.

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    A business owner doesn’t have to get a complaint from an employee or client to be fiend damaging the American with Disabilities Act. The business targeted for the potential lawsuits by individual who walk or drive through and notice violation that what called “drive-by-lawsuits”.

  2. Unsafe Working Conditions – Employees have reserve a right to ensure access to safe working conditions dependent on the guidelines in an Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA). Although many violations of OSHA citation regulation involve fall, respiratory assurance and chemical exposure, there have been claims that there is no need for item safety, for example, the signs that rotate around the corner of a street for marketing purposes. The company have limited what twirlers can handle the signs and provide a sign security feature. To avoid the problem, many companies have completely the strategic from the issues.
  3. Whistleblowing or social media rants – Business owners must respect to their employee who are considered whistle-blowers in regulatory agencies or social media. Basically, the employee was fired for the company because their negatives work. Employees is energized and can’t be punished for bringing issues to raising of work environment violations.
  4. Ethics in accounting practices – A company must maintain accurate accounting practices. The oil giant, Enron was uncovered in 2011 for “false reports” to distort benefits. The behavior will direct affect the cost of shareholder, and lost a huge profit cause of the ethics violation. In other way, a small private companies must maintain the financial records to cover proper government tax and employee dividends, or to pull in colleagues and investments.
  5. Nondisclosure and corporate espionage – Employers have the risk of the worker and previous representatives taking data. This may be customer information used by the company in the direct challenge with the organization.

Ethical dilemma is a conflict between a choice, regardless of what the person does, some of the violate certain ethical principles. Analyzing the choices and their results give the basic element to the leadership of decision making. It is also whether you like it or not, this is the question to you will been asking yourself each morning when you hit the nap on your caution. Beside that, it can be choosing between two of your favorites, try to decide if you want to choose whether or not to get a haircut. You must settle on the decision of the choices every day. Ethical dilemmas are particularly huge in expert life as they as often as possible happen in the working place. The own codes of conduct and ethical standard will be set by a few of the company and professional organizations. Almost every part of the business can turn into a basis of an ethical dilemma, it may include the clients, co-worker and business partners. To address this ethical problem, company and organization should create strict ethical standard for their representatives. The company also may provide the ethical training for the employee. For example, there are scientific undertaking that mean to make little mechanical inserts that can travel though your blood or connect to your nerve ending. The electrical stimulation or chemical release can regulate our body even it is wrong or right.

Example of Ethical Dilemma

  1. Taking credit for others’ work – Employee typically form a team to conduct marketing campaigns, they will develop new item, or making different service. But everyone in the team rarely make a contribution at the final product. If the employee chance colleague with a negative attitude, it could provoke resentment. But something if only some employee can done the real work, the same thing can happen if all employee receives the same compliment.
  2. Stealing on the job – As misappropriate funds is the illegal from a company. When the manager collecting the money or hiding the funds through change records. Future raises, bonuses or layoffs if filling profit it will direct the hold company members.
  3. Tackle the problems head on – Many dishonest work place practices can be halted from before or before they start by the letting staff know what the organization consider to be unethical.
  4. Conducting personal business on company time – Since employee will in general spend such an extensive amount their weekday on their job. Sometimes, they are enticed to lead personal on the company time. This may include setting up a physical appointment on this company on the phone line, using their employee computer and internet associations or even making a freelancer calling during their company time. The best way is that employee should contact their manager or personal director to find out or explain which crimes the company can sue.
  5. Inappropriate and harassing behavior – Employee regularly don’t have the foggiest idea what to do in the event that they see one of their collaborators badgering another worker. The most ideal approach to determine this ethical dilemma rests with the staff individuals who build up the organization’s handbook of worker.
  6. Elaborate each component of the” framework for ethical decision making in business”. And within each, provide relevant examples relating to each component.

To make a good ethical decision is that have to requires prepared sensitivity to ethical issues and a practical strategy approach to exploring the ethical aspects of decision making and weighing the contemplation that should affect our decision of a game plan. The ways to make ethical decision is critical. if it done on a regular basis, the strategy turn out to be so familiar that we can automate the process without counseling the particular steps. This is one motivation behind why we can in some cases that we have an “ethical intuition” about a specific circumstance, even if we do not consciously consider this issue. We have to make a practice ethical decision and sit down and play without having to “think”.

However, isn’t constantly fitting to pursue our intuition, particularly in especially confused or new circumstances. Actually, sometimes we will face more of the novel and difficult in ethical choice, so we need to rely on do discussion and dialogue with others that about ethical dilemma. A framework for ethical decision making it have: the consequentialist framework; the duty framework; the virtue framework.

Consequentialist Framework

In this framework is we have to focus on the future impacts of the potential approaches, considering those who will be directly or by implication influenced. We get some information about what results are desirable in a given situation and believe that ethical behavior will accomplish the best results. People who use the consequences system wants to create the most greats. Among the strengths of this ethical framework is that action-oriented outcome is a down to business pragmatic approach. It helps in situations including many of people, the activity was gives advantage to some of them, while some of them may not. In the other way, it isn’t constantly conceivable to foresee the consequences of an activity, so an action that are relied upon to deliver great results may really wind up hurting people.

Furthermore, some people sometime respond adversely to the use of compromises which is an intrinsic part of this methodology, and they withdraw from the suggestion that the end legitimizes methods. Nor does it may include a statement that specific things are never right, as even the most heinous behavior can produce result for certain people, and this framework allows consideration these activities to then be ethical. For example, let us guess that economists can prove that if we just subjugated 2% of the populace, that the world economy would be more stronger and most happies to people and also health or wealthier to them. Because of that most people can get the advantage from this idea and some of people could never agree.

Duty Framework

In this duty framework, we center around the obligations and commitment that we undertake in a specific situation, and think about what ethical obligations we should assume and what not to do. Ethical direct is defined by carrying out duties of responsibilities and making the best decision, and performing the objective with a correct action. Every people should be given a situation with an action is ethically correct and a requires of duty. The duty framework is also a limitation. If we are facing two or more conflicts of responsibility, then it does not provide the means determine which responsibilities should be fallowed. Duty framework is also focused a good ethical or obligation paying little mind to result, so it takes inti consideration the comply with ethical that have acted results. In other ways, the duty is most effective when we need to consider why duty and obligation stipulate or prohibit certain strategies. This impartiality energizes treating everybody with equivalent poise and regard. For example, some people do the action are wrong or right is depending on themselves, it must tell the true to the thing that have do on it.

Virtue Framework

it is an expansive term for theories that stress the job of character and ideals in good moral philosophy as opposed to either performing one’s duty or acting so as to achieve great consequences. This article take how virtue ethical initially characterized itself by requiring a change from the mainstream doctrine and consequentialism theory. It continues to study some basic complains raised against to virtue ethical and examines a comprehensive sample of virtue ethical and responses. It cares about what kind o f people should they be, and our activities demonstrate about our character. We have characterized ethical behavior as whatever an ethical person would do in the situation, and we look to create comparative excellencies. As a way of understanding this, it allows multiple behaviors to be called ethical behaviors. As there may be many different types of goodness and numerous ways to creating it. Therefore, it considers all pieces of human experience and their job in moral consultation, as it accepts that the majority of one’s personality, feelings, and musings can impact the advancement of one’s character. For example, a good virtues involve the right feelings and inward states as for our sentiments towards other.

Describe the Stakeholders’ Concept

Provide a brief definition of FIVE (5) stakeholders type. Describe the role of each stakeholder in effective ethics management in an organization. Provide examples to support your answers.

In business, a Stakeholder is an individual, group, organization that is interesting or be affected by the business in a company. It can also affect or influence the goal, policies and action of the organization. A common example of stakeholders is including customers, employee, suppliers, government, shareholders and communities. In stakeholders, there are not all is equal and if different stakeholder it may got different interests.


The customer is the organization care about how to satisfy to customer and know about what they need at the product. It can build up a good relationship. The customer is also will make exchange for their product or service with give a company money. The customer is important in stakeholders. They depend on the organization’s product or service. Business organizations attempt conscious strive to connect with customer and know the need and desires. For example, the passengers were hold their life in the hand with choosing airline company to traveling. It may impact by the service. If they feel good on the product or service, they will continue to support on your company


This group of employees is can be cadre and cam perform management, supervisory or different functions. They can receive compensation for the commitment they make to the working of the organization or business. The employee is also may have their own share in a company. Which can strength take stake in the business, this communication will effectively to every person, it depends on the business, they can safety to have their own interest. For example, they were cooperation with the business doing construction.


Government can take taxes from every company. It also overall GDP from that company. Government can serve to change a facilitate economic growth and increase or protecting the whole society. It can give a health and safety to worker, it also can protect the economic issue.

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