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Identify the features of effective partnership working Essay

Essay Topic:

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The features of effective partnership working are to have a balanced team, being clear about roles and responsibilities, being able to build trust between the induvial and other professionals, being motivated in delivering the same outcome and working together. To be able to resolve conflict effectively and to also make sure that everyone’s views are respected and transparent when holding meetings or having a discussion to make sure that everyone is working together and are clear about their roles in achieving the outcome.

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Being able to use recourses and being clear about confidentiality and information sharing, making sure that there is consent from the individual or by completing a metal capacity assessment and supporting the individual in their own best interest. To use other people’s knowledge and experience.

E.g. They may have worked with the individual for a long period of time and may be able to share information about the individual, this would make the person feel more valued and confident within the staff team.
1.2 Explain the importance of partnership working with
1.2a Colleagues
The importance of working in partnership with my colleagues is that we all work together in the best interest of the individual’s we are supporting and to make sure that we delivering the same high standards of care. My colleagues feel more confident in their job role and this can be identified when having supervision, on a daily handover sheet, team meetings when all the staff team can contribute to the meeting. They can also support each other when working or dealing with new or daily situations and be able to resolve these confidently

1.2b Other Professions
The importance’s of working in partnership with other professionals is that they have been trained and have the knowledge around the area they are supporting you with. The Department of Health (2009a) makes clear that in order to meet the challenges facing Health and Social care leader will need to “work together across sectors (adults and children, social and health care, housing leisure, transport) to drive change, supporting and involving local communities”. Cook et al (2007) highlighted the fact that effective visionary leadership is essential in bringing people together in the first place and sustaining people from different professional and organizational cultures.

1.2c Others
The importance of working with others is being able to use other people’s rescores, which could lead to better outcomes for the individual, meaning they can access the right help from the right service which would stop them being pulled from pillow to post repeating the induvial story until the right service is found. To be clear about the service and boundaries dependent on the professional you are working with this could include the following: occupational therapists, district nurses, community psychiatrists, social workers, each should know their own job role to achieve the outcome, this would include who is doing what, when, where, why, how each professional can or cannot offer, to have a clear understanding making sure that the individual is at the forefront of any decision making and feel confident in how they are going to be supported. To make sure that documents to be in place detailing how support workers and others can support the individual.
E.g. An individual I work with wanted to start self-medication, this was first discussed at a keyworker session than with their psychiatrist, they then involved the community mental health team and a meeting was set up with a community mental health nurse. A meeting took place where all parties involved joined together and the community nurse completed a mental capacity assessment to make sure that the individual had the capacity and good understanding with medication and self-medicating, the importance of taking their medication on a regular basis and the risks to the individual should they make an unwise decision and not take their medication as prescribed. At the end of the meeting, it was deemed that the individual did have the capacity and should with support become responsible for their own medication. The community mental health nurse drew plans and realistic goals for the individual and the staff team to follow and work towards the outcome. Once the plans were in place the staff team worked with the individual to make sure that everything was going okay if they found any difficulties meetings were held to overcomes this more and plan ways to move forward in achieving the goal.

1.3 Analyse how partnership working delivers better outcomes.
Partnership working delivers better outcomes and delivers a good service by
Working with families: By working with families you get an insight of the individual’s life, the barriers and challenges they may have faced whilst growing up. There likes and dislikes, their quality of life now they have moved in a social care setting and what they would like to achieve / goals they would like to set, this information can be used in their holistic assessments and PCP. To hold regular family meetings and engaging with the individual’s families brings confidence, trust and a good working relationship between the management and the staff team because they know that and can see that their loved ones are being cared.

Improving support:
Engaging with individuals in tenant meetings or individually with one to one sessions know as keyworker sessions to ask them how the quality of the service can be improved, making sure that the weekly rota meets the needs of the service and not the needs of the staff, also making sure that there are enough staff to deliver a safe service and all appointments have been carried out when required,. Handovers take place when members of staff come on shift so they are aware of the outcomes that are required and what they would need to deliver the support. The staff team to make sure that the individuals have a weekly plan in place with activities both in the home and out in the community and to involve them in the running of the home, this good include: cleaning – laundry – cooking – menu planning and shopping, this will help them develop skills and independence within the home.

Working with others:
The support team need to work with other professional i.e. if an individual becomes ill or they tell us that they are feeling unwell it is the support staff responsibility to make sure that they are seen by a doctor and if they are unable to speak or get their words muddled up the support staff can advocate for the individual to get the best care and treatment they would need, this would also mean supporting them with appointments for scans, blood tests or to meet their mental health needs, all health needs and appointments are documented in their personal files so any member of staff can offer their support.

Partnership working as above delivers better outcomes when all agencies work together and are working towards the same outcome for the individual. Good communication when dealing with the different agencies so that support plans can be put in place to support the individual to meet there goal or support them with their health need i.e. when an individual is diagnosed with diabetes and needs to have their blood levels checked on a daily basis then advice should be taken from the diabetic nurse at the doctors and that information needs to be present to the team in a team meeting and written in a way in the health file so anybody supporting the individual knows the best way to support them.
The worker can gain a lot of knowledge from working alongside other professionals and become more confident in their work role.

1.4 Explain how to overcome barriers to partnership worker.

How to overcome barriers when partnership working is communication, knowing your role and their roles and responsibilities. By making sure that everyone is transparent from the start and when there are review meetings. Another way of overcoming barriers in team meetings and individual supervisions, this allows the staff team to know when things are going great and the outcome looks like it can be achieved and also when things are not going so well and what as a team can be done and put in place for the outcome to move forward, the staff team and management must make sure that all support plans and risk assessments are updated regularly with any new changes so that the staff team and the individual are working together and not independently as they always say “there is no I in Team”

2.1 Explain own role and responsibilities in working with colleagues.
My own job role is to be a leader making sure that the staff team I am supporting know their own roles and responsibilities when they are on shift. I support staff with their induction to the service and make sure that they have the correct training for their job role and also any specialized training that they may need to have to be able to work in any of the houses in the area and also for the house where they have applied for the position i.e. epilepsy, diabetes, acquired brain injuries, we also have individuals who have learning disabilities and also mental health, it is my job to make sure that they receive the correct training to help and support these individuals. There is also training for specialist medication alongside administering medication, the new staff member would have to have attended the training and received 3 satisfactory observations before being allowed to administer medication to an individual

I make sure that there is information in support plans so the support team know how to support the individual, I also make sure that all the documents required are kept in individual’s file these would include: people handing, medication, risk Assessment, lone working risk assessment, PEEPS, holistic assessment and person-centred plans are all in place and in date. For my staff team, it is my responsibility to complete 2 supervisions within 3 months and assign them to individually key work making sure that they understand their own role and responsibilities to be a key worker and what is expected of them, this is then reviewed every 6 months in a supervision. When outside agencies are brought in to help and support an individual it is important that they receive an induction to the house and reinforce the core expectations i.e. respect, privacy/dignity, choice, independence, health promotions, accountability, the duty of care e.c.t. it is them my responsibility to make sure that they are aware of what is going on that day, what support is required, who will be supporting and make sure that they read the individuals support plans and risk assessment before that activity begins and where to document once they have returned back from support. IF outside agencies are brought in I like to speak to my staff team in the team meeting to see how things are going and if anything that can be improved.

It is also my responsibility to make sure that the whole staff team is working to a high standard and address with staff if the poor practice is found. To make sure that the staff team are working within their job role and are completing what is being asked of them by completing monthly audits on all the files that the staff team work on, it is also my responsibility to make sure that when I am addressing issues either in a team meeting or individual supervision I give the support staff time to address any issues and hopefully resolve them in a timely manner. I am also responsible for making sure that team meeting takes place each month and that the staff can add to the agenda so that it can be open and transparent, this is communicated in the communication book which staff must read before they start every shift, it is my responsibility to check that staff are signing off to say they have read as they will also sign on the handover sheet to document.

3.1 Explain own role and responsibility in working with other professionals
It is my job role to work with other professionals, these may include:
Social workers, I work alongside these when new individuals come to the service, it is my responsibility to make sure that the social worker has completed a full assessment on the individual needs to allow me then to complete my own assessment to make sure that they meet the criteria of the service and to make sure that we can offer the correct support. I would then liaise with the social worker to make sure that the individual is given the correct support package and hours to which the staff team can support the individual. I also work with social worker when individuals have their annual reviews to make sure they are happy with the service that is being provided and that their personalised hours are being used effectively, in the meeting we include the individual at the forefront of the meeting and also ask the individual if they would like to invite family, usually families are involved so they get to see an overview of how their family is supported and can also raise any concerns they may have, hopefully by the end of the review both the families and social worker have confidence in the service that is being provided as they will have seen the evidence and documents that me and the staff team use to evidence person centred care and support.
I also work with social workers if there has been an incident which has resulted in a safeguarding, when this happens the social worker will usually come and speak to me to gain an insight of the situation and then form a plan to move forward, for example, two individuals were living together as boyfriend & girlfriend, the male was partially sighted and could not really do a lot in the house especially around cleaning and cooking, the female was becoming resentful and did not really like to leave with all the chores especially when she was being told what to do by the male, it reaches boiling point when something was said and the female put a mop head into the males face, the male reported it to a member of staff who then reported it to the manager, this was safeguarded as it was an assault on another person, when the meeting was held a discussion took place about having their own time to have support to something they liked instead of being in each other’s pockets. The outcome was that the male would have 6 personalized hours out in the community and the female would have 3hrs support in the home to keep up with the housework.

I am also working with a mental health nurse who would like to know some background on an individual who previously lived in one of our houses but had gone to stay somewhere else. When I I am giving the information I want to make sure that I am giving the correct and relevant information and if others were involved not disclosing their names, if I am not sure of what I can disclose to the nurse I will seek advice from my line manager.

I have referred people to gateway to care to ask for the correct assessment and support for an individual who kept falling, the result of this was they were referred to the falls team who came out and complete an assessment and the appropriate equipment was sought this then provided them with the tools to be able to go out in the community with support without falling. Depending on the information required by professional I do not like giving the information required over the phone if they have contacted me, if I am contacted I will ask for their telephone number and inform them that I will seek the information out and telephone them back, this then lets me know that I am speaking to the right person.

It is important to be able to work in partnership with other agencies – one agency or other professionals as that results in 1 assessment which then keeps all the information together, support staff is able to keep families involved with the individual’s consent. The professionals are always there until the individual has reached their goal or outcome or have been discharged from the service.

4.1 Analyse the importance of working in partnership with others:
It is important to work in partnership with the following people because….
The people we support:
It is important to work with the people we support, they will give us key information and consent to support them with medication, finances, the staff team access to the property, preference of gender to support them, and what to do in the event they go missing, It is important that we know they have the capacity to make decisions about their lives. By working with them they will let you know what they want out of life, how they like to make decisions, what’s a good day for them when in the house or out in the community, how they like to choose their meals and menu for the week, what they like to eat and what they don’t like to eat, how they would like to be supported, how to supported them with their health and wellbeing, their home and possessions, work/study and who is responsible for their finance, what they believe in (religion) their identity / appearance (having worker with someone who is transgender it is important that everyone who works alongside them address them with the correct pronoun, being and feeling safe both at home and in the community, their medical history and medication they are currently taken, their own personal relationships/friends and how to maintain them, this is all documented in a person centred plan then the supported is documented on different support plans i.e. how to be supported with bathing/showering, supported in the community, supported travelling on transport, support with managing the everyday running of their home, support with keys and house safety, e.c.t.

Each individual we support is allocated a key worker they will have a key worker session each month to discuss how their plans are going, if they are happy with the support they are receiving or if they have concerns how can these be corrected, how are their goals which are planned out at review meeting which are held each year and chaired by the service manager. Each year the company send out a questionnaire for them to let them know how they feel about the company the support they are receiving and what could be improved to make it a better service for them to live in.

It is important to work alongside families as they can give the staff team an insight of how the person we are supporting lived before coming into supported living. The can also share any relevant medical history i.e. heart disease, cancer, cataract which we may have to disclose should the person we support show any signs or are asked questions regarding family health. Families can give an insight of how the person we support used to spend there week, and the risk if this should change i.e. an individual display challenging behavior due to not going to their day service if it was to stop. Families, where I work, are made to feel welcome, they get to know the staff team and feel confident that there loved one is getting the best support. Families are invited to reviews and are given the chance to complete a questionnaire this allows them to have their say on how they feel that the company is doing as should be.

Friends can also be a lot of information to help us to support an individual, the may support them on an activity whilst living at home and this should be encouraged to continue so they still get to see their friends.

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