Identify the Diffenent Reasons People Communicate Essay

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Identify the Diffenent Reasons People Communicate

We need to communicate with others in order to be able to successfully carry out daily activities, especially in the work place. This can be done in many different forms and have positive and negative effects. Being aware of these forms and implementing them is vital when working with young children and adults.

People communicate in both personal and professional capacitites for a variety of different reasons. In a work setting people may communicate to: build relationships; maintain relationships; gain and share information; gain reassurance and acknowledgement; to express needs and feelings and to share thoughts and ideas.

Building relationships can be a simple form of communication such as a smile/wave/ ‘hello’ when we first meet a new parent/child. Each time we do this we are maintaining a relationship with the parent/child, although this may not be strictly for a professional ‘reason’, for example; asking what they are doing tonight? By building and maintaining relationships via communication we are gaining information, which by sharing will help in the way we work, for example; with children, parents and other professionals. We can also provide trust, reassurance and acknowledgement by praising, physical reassurance by providing eye contact or by taking an interest in what they are doing.

People also communicate in order to express their needs and/or feelings. As humans most of us need to do this and we should respect and allow a child’s need to as well, if they don’t have the opportunity to do this they can become very frustrated. The same applies to being creative by sharing their ideas and thoughts as children and young people will need to share these with others.

L.O 1.2: Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

Communication is vital in the work setting as it helps to establish good relationships with young people, children, their families and colleagues, and these are essential in order to be able to work effectively with them. Relationships and communication skills compliment each other, therefore carers who have good communication skills are more likely to have good relationships with children, parents and other adults. We communicate via body language and facial expressions and relationships are influenced by this.

Relationships and communication is pivotal in the early year’s sector. By sharing and gaining information, for example, on a child’s feelings, routine and/or long term health we can help establish different needs and/or the need for intervention. We can also help the child settle in more easily, as when they feel comfortable with us so will their parents and vice versa, this also helps the child feel more relaxed which in turn helps them play and learn more effectively and benefit from it. As pointed out on it can also

“…improve relationships at home, work and in social situations by deepening your connections to others, and improving team work, decision making, caring and problem solving.”

By working together as a team via communicating, job satisfaction can be gained as can easier transitions if the child is moved from one setting to another.

Communication is something that we do in our everyday life in every type of setting. We can build and maintain relationships from this with a variety of people. This in turn can have positive or negative effects on the things we do. By communicating via facial expressions, body language or verbally we are establishing and maintaining relationships with their practitioner as it can help identify needs, spot things that occur repeatedly and help the child develop holistically, therefore it is essential that we all communicate effectively.

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