Identify Statistics Essay

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Identify Statistics

The Human development Index (HDI) is a general measure of how a country has developed over a certain period of time. It is measured through the use of literacy levels, provision of education, healthcare, life expectancy and the gross domestic product of a country. The HDI of most countries is measured by organizations that would like to use the data for various uses including deciding which of these countries need aid.

The HDI of Libya, for instance is placed at 0. 47 in the year 2007. This was an increase of 0. 44% which is substantial. This information was provided by the United Nations in the year 2007. Such statistics are collected by UN for the sole purpose of measuring the rates of development and well-being of the human populations in these regions. It is then important in deciding which of the considered nations need help and in which sectors this help might be most needed (UNDP, 2009).

This statistic is a bit misleading due to the fact that some contributing factors are not looked at critically. Some of the factors like democracy and rights are not looked at. Therefore, when looking at the index critically, we realize that such important factors are not considered in determination of the well-being of the general population. This therefore leads us to a conclusion that the calculation might not be able to conclusively portray the right picture to those who are using it.

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