Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm Part 1 Essay

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Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm Part 1

CHCCHILD401B – Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm

Assignment 1: Off-the-job assessment

You will need to have completed your readings from the OLS and be aware of the reporting procedures in your state/territory to complete the following questions and case studies.

1. Access the website from your state below and state what steps are required for making a report as a mandatory reporter.(copying and pasting from these sites is not appropriate and may result in a “Not Competent” result)

Remember the following

Protective Concerns Are:

You are concerned about a child because you have:

• A child has disclosed (informed you) that they have been harmed or neglected.

• observed the child and seen indications that they are being abused or neglected.

• You have been made aware of possible indications of harm due to your involvement within the community outside of your professional role.

At all times remember to:

•always record any of your observations no information is irrelevant

• follow appropriate protocols of your centre and also child protection.

• consult notes and records

• inform and work with other workers that may need to know

• inform and work with other agencies if need be.

1. Step One

Responding to Concerns

· If concerns are for a child that you believe is in significant risk of harm then you would refer to step four.

· If you believe that a family should be referred to child First then you go to step three

· In all other situations you go to step two

2. Step Two

Forming a Belief on Reasonable Grounds

· Think about the level of danger the child may be involved in

Is your belief informed that the child is at risk or is in significant danger think yes or no?

· Do you doubt the ability of the parents care toward the child or protection of the child yes or no?

· If yes for the questions you go to step four

· If you have concerns for the child or family refer them to child first if not in significant danger.

3. Step Three

Making Referral to Child First

· Contact the local provider for Child First.

· Contact list is usually on department of human services website.

· Have notes with observations of the child and details about the family.

4. Step Four

Make a report to Child Protection

· Call your local child protection provider immediately this is usually found on the department of human services website

· For after hours child protection emergency call the emergency line

· Have notes, observations of the child along with details of the family ready with you.

Non mandated staff members that believe on “reasonable grounds” that a child is in dire need of protection are able to report concerns to child protection.

2. Where would you find information on how your service responds to Child Protection Issues?

If unsure you can always ask your room leader or centre director to point you in the right direction.

You will always find how your service acts and responds to child protection issues within the service policies and procedures and code of ethics.

The overall regulations of how the service should respond will be found within the national regulations which is a set of guidelines for services and how they should be run.

3. 3. List the legislative acts that govern Child Protection Services in your state/territory.

My state is Victoria and the legislative acts that are in my state are the following

Principal Acts:

· Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (as amended 2011)
Other relevant Acts:

· Working with Children Act

· Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005

· The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006

· Family Law Act 1975

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