Identification of critical service factors Essay

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Identification of critical service factors

1. People

People here refer to the staffs who are working at the different outlets. No matter what their position is in the outlet, manager or part-timers, customer will always look at the staffs’ attitude towards them. Due to their excellent training and development, we can see that staffs have met most of the customers’ requirement. Hence, this is one of the critical factors that cause Sakae to be so successful.

2. Understanding of Market

Sakae do marketing research on people, and by understanding their customers’ expectations, they will be able to anticipate them and make changes. When Sakae makes an unexpected change, customers might be delighted and hence making a deep impression of the restaurant.

Also, with a better understanding of the market, Sakae will be quicker than their competitors.

Sakae do not just understand their customers, they have to also take note of what their competitors are doing, and keeping an update of their competitors’ capabilities. With this, Sakae is able to anticipate what their competitor is doing and they are able to plan ahead.

3. Innovation

Sakae change their menus frequently. They are always thinking of new things that they think will satisfy customer’s expectation. With new items added into the menu, this might catch the customers’ attention. As it is always easy for customers to patronize other competitors’ restaurant, this is a very critical factor as to why Sakae is still the market leader in the Japanese cuisine industry.

* Identification of service environment competitors

There are three main competitors: Ichiban Sushi, Sushi Tei and Itacho Sushi. All three of these restaurants are local Japanese cuisine restaurant found in Singapore. These are also the closest competitors that Sakae has. This is because of the nature of the restaurant, all three of them sells Japanese cuisine.

However, there is also a difference between these three restaurants too. If you ask anyone, Sushi Tei sells a variety of sushi, but at a higher price, while Itacho Sushi has a more reasonable pricing, but the selection of cooked food is lesser.

Ichiban Sushi is too much similar to Sakae Sushi due to the similarity of the menu, food and the pricing. Hence, after comparing all three restaurants, Ichiban Sushi will be counted as the main competitor.

* Identification of unique service factors that differentiate the company from competitors

As mentioned earlier in the report, we can see that different from these three restaurants, Sakae Sushi tries to understand what the market wants. They will constantly try to keep up with customers’ expectation. With a better understanding of the market, they are able to work faster compare to other Japanese restaurant. Sakae also studies the other Japanese restaurant. Even though they are the market leader, they have to constantly review their competitors just to make sure that they secure the place. Hence, it is also important that they keep updates of the competitors.

Other than that, they have to constantly think of new items or new promotions to keep their current customers with them. Different from their competitors, Sakae changes their menu frequently. There are always new promotions and new dishes created every month.

Lastly, customers recall better when restaurant staff serves them well. Sakae Sushi has reasonably well training and development. With this basic training, staffs are able to have the right attitude to serve customers.

Hence, these are the factors as to why Sakae Sushi is different from their competitors. And these are also the critical factors as to why they are so successful.

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