Identification Discussion Essay

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Identification Discussion

Through his 1946 Politics and the English Language article, author George Orwell discusses some of the challenges facing the English language. For example, the author descries the phenomenon whereby writers in English are increasingly using many and complicated words that effectively blurs their real meanings. In addition, Orwell laments that many writers are using regurgitated words and phrases rather than devise and employ their own fresh phrases.

Orwell observes that the existing bad language is deteriorating the thoughts of the populace. In turn, he explains that such usage of bad language corrupts people’s thoughts. Further, the author holds that unclear language is indispensable to politics because it helps in hiding fallacies and atrocious phenomena. Language thus makes unacceptable things to appear tolerable besides concealing the details of certain issues (Orwell, 1946).

All in all, Orwell’s pitch is that bad language contributes to poor politics; the complaint is that he is decrying the decadence of the English language, while the moment is that the author requires his audience to demonstrate caution when using the English language. For example, Orwell states that bad language and poor politics are intertwined because unclear expressions are useful political tools. In effect, poor language is employed to glorify war, as well as to cunningly conceal atrocities.

The author thus views the English language as having undergone a dangerous transformation of adopting rigid orthodoxy and rejecting innovativeness. Readers are thus cautioned against blindly adhering to such lethargic English language conventions. In conclusion, through the Politics and the English Language treatise, Orwell criticizes the general decadence in the English language that has resulted from orthodoxy and general indolence. He thus observes that such language contributes to bad politics and cautions readers against being ensnared by such lethargic orthodoxy.

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