Ideas For Building a Healthy Self-Image

The supporting points or ideas that the articles contained, had a lot of similarities which is why it had been summed up within four main points about achieving Self-Love. According to my understanding, I thought of a word that could sum it all. “H-A-V-E”. an acronym for, Health, Ask, Value, and Entertainment. Achieving all of these words takes time and effort. As said in the introduction of this paper, this Is one of the hardest challenges of our lives.

Starting with the first letter or the first-word Health.

Nothing is more important than health. We all must know how to have a healthy life. Without it, we could not progress to the next stage of our life nor achieve Self-Love. According to the provided articles, all fall down on embracing and taking care of ourselves. Let us be our own doctor or our own best friend. Begin with small steps, by Smiling or being happy. A happy person makes the heart-healthy.

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There is no effort needed nor time wasted in smiling. We could do it countless times. Next, engage yourself with some physical activities or being sports-minded. Not all of us are given the same skills or mindset but there is nothing wrong for trying it. For example, start performing some home workout routines, request for a trainer in a gym, or have a family bonding by walking or jogging in a park. Efforts like these reduce the risk of heart diseases and making them stable and stronger.

The second word is Ask.

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Let us have a serious part on this paper as we dive deeper within ourselves. Have a self-assessment, don’t be afraid to ask Who you really are? What is our purpose? What are our capabilities in life? What are our wrongdoings in life? It is our freedom to ask ourselves. How are we going to know all of this if we’re not able to ask ourselves? Reflect and ponder with all this knowledge, and exert tremendous effort on it. For example, do not forget to forgive all your enemies, solve the problems that you would face through your journey. Self-love is having a clear vision and mind of yourself. Because if you have not started asking or solving anything. In the end, you would regret all of it.

The third word is Value. On this part, it would tackle gratitude, appreciation, and giving worth with ourselves. Self-Love is also discovering or realizing that we are “one of a kind” or a special treasure. We are all human beings with diverse identities and personalities. We build our ways or paths to have our own journeys. However, as said in the introduction it will not be an easy journey. Everyone is not exempted from facing challenges and problems in life. In spite of all these, there would be achievements, awards, and success along the journey as well. Be grateful and appreciate yourself. Make it a habit to count all of it. Reminding that you had gone this far and accomplished plenty. All of these give you Value.

Last but not least, the word Entertainment. Surprising as it is, Self-love is not all about being serious and diving deeper into ourselves. But also involves being fulfilled with happiness and memories to cherish. We all have one life, regardless of miracles. That is another story. Do not forget to give yourself a break and go out from your comfort zones. For example, gather with your families and relatives to make memories that would motivate you from your journey. Travel around the world, make small surprises for yourself. It just one of the main points that you have achieved Self-Love.

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Ideas For Building a Healthy Self-Image

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