Ideal Non Profit Organzation Essay

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Ideal Non Profit Organzation

My ideal non-profit organization would encompass the idea of enabling people from anywhere to have access to a free world-class education. My mission is to empower young people around the world in developing countries with the education and training they need to build a life of prosperity and opportunity. I envision a world of opportunity, where educated minds and skillful hands work together to uplift the next generation, breaking the cycle of poverty. By empowering young people with education, we are able to unlock the potential of an entire generation. I believe education is the world’s most powerful tool in fighting global prosperity. This organization is structured through student lending programs. We are going to have available to you stories from different people all across the world. You have to pick a story that inspires you the most and you already are taking the first step in making a difference in their lives.

Once you have found a student you want to support, the next step is to make a loan. Before distributing a loan to a student however, we will verify that the student has been accepted to an academic institution and that he or she has a record of strong academic performance. Each loan gives the student a chance to achieve their dreams while learning the skills they need to help their families and transform their communities. One-hundred percent of the loan goes directly to the student you want to support. Once a student receives your loan, the student can then go through school and acquire the necessary education for their dream career. After receiving the required education and graduating, your loan will be refunded fully by the student. Each student has an individual repayment schedule that is tailored to his or her needs.

Every month, as a student makes repayments, we deposit the money into an account you would have created with our website. We would operate on contributions from organizations and people just like you. Your donations help this organization expand to new countries and build new programs all over the world so that we may reach more students. Your donation would be greatly appreciated to give a student in the developing world with the education they need to graduate beyond poverty. Our organization’s goal is to help 1,000,000 students in countries to earn their degrees by 2020. Your donation allows 100% of all loans to go directly to the students. We will use every donation and dollar we receive to its upmost greatest impact in benefiting the students. Teachers, nurses, accountants, engineers, these are the young people who will change the world. Only education can make it possible.


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