Idea of a marriage Essay

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Idea of a marriage

It is said that one has no choice with their blood relations, but the most important decision one makes is deciding whom one would marry. One couple I interviewed for this article is one who has been successfully married for seven years. Interestingly, they had a semi-arranged marriage. I call it semi-arranged because the couple’s parents had first had the idea and then the couple had interacted for a while to check whether they were truly compatible with one another. This factor had a major role to play in the success of their marriage.

When interviewed the couple mentioned that they both felt they had reached the age for marriage as per the family tradition and they were both open to the idea of a marriage. Though introduced to each other by the parents, they were surprised that they were attracted to each other by their simplicity and sense of humor. Each one of them felt that they could be comfortable and natural with the other right from day one. Several factors helped them decide that they wanted to spend their life with each other.

One of them was that their families were close, secondly logistical issues in their marriage sorted out easily. The fact that they enjoyed each other’s company only confirmed their belief that marriage was destined for them. One interesting fact that contributed to making their marriage a success was that neither of them had any unreal expectations out of the marriage. Having their families support also helped, as they received counseling and help to see them through every time they had difficulties and conflicts.

The lady did admit that her husband did not have all the qualities she had been looking for in a potential mate. With a smile she said, she had wanted someone tall (her husband barely 5’ 6”). But it was her ability to look beyond the physical characteristics alone that helped her choose a mate who she could live happily with. The fact that they were from culturally similar backgrounds also helped them get along easily with each other’s families. Both felt that they had been fortunate to find the other, though they also agreed that they had to struggle to keep their relationship smooth and healthy.

They agree that marriage is harder than what they thought but they are determined to make it a success. One factor that has tremendously helped them has been their spending constructive time with each other. Holidaying together, eating together, watching movies, working out together has helped them nurture and grow their relationship into one that they cherish with their lives. One thing I noticed was the absence of any passionate romance in their relationship, and was surprised to see that that hardly diminished the success of their relationship.?

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