ID Personal statement for Dental School Essay

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ID Personal statement for Dental School

Since I was a little child, I always dreamed of being a medical doctor or a dentist. This is probably because my parents modelled the desire in me, for both of them were working in a hospital. Although none of my parents was a physician or a nurse, spending times in their offices and noticing the doctors who were working in the hospital was the first glimmer in my mind to become a doctor. What exacerbated the desire is the situation I went through at the age of fifteen. My father was diagnosed with kidney failure at that time.

It was the start of the three hard and unforgettable years in my life. This is the time and the situation that greatly influenced my desire for working in a medical field. Before that time, I just saw physicians, and this was the first time that I was experiencing the living with a patient. My father’s disease was harsh, and for the first three or four months, different specialists to make him ready for haemodialysis visited him. Then, for the rest of his life, he had to go to the hospital three times a week and each time for three hours to be dialyzed.

During the first months of my father’s disease, noticing different patients with different kind of diseases and all the pains that they were suffering from, made me to think more about being a doctor. I wondered if I could help those patients, or if I was good enough to become a doctor. During last three years of my father’s life, I was always with him. Leaving in a country with well equipped hospitals but poor patient hospitality services, my mother and I had to take care of everything ourselves. During those years, I had the opportunity to observe different departments of hospitals, different physicians, and patients with different disease.

All these things made me more serious about my decision to work in a medical field. When my father died, I promised to myself to put all my effort to become a person who can help the patient like my father to have a better and less painful life. Being a dentist therefore offers me the opportunity to get in touch with a diversity of peoples and help them to ease the pain and suffering they get from one the worst pains in human body, which is toothache. I believe that dentistry is a kind of art and a dentist has to have skilled hands. It is just like an art of playing the guitar or making jewellery.

Just as it took me time to learn the guitar and I ended up being a very good player, so is my determination in becoming a dentist. I picture it as a very precise art that needs a combination of expertise skills and enjoyment to serve a patient to make them finally happy. Just as the jewel artist is careful to go through a process of skill and expertise application, with the motivation of coming up with a beautiful ornament, so a dentist should in having his or her final product – a happy patient. In all this, I therefore look forward to joining the dental school to pursue this career.

My education background is thus as follows: I graduated as an honor student, with high GPA from a high school in Iran. I there after graduated from Northern Virginia Community College as an honor student with GPA of 3. 957(Associate Degree in Biology). Arriving at USA in 2005, community college gave me the opportunity to study and work at the same time. Without my family, it was hard for me to afford to go directly to the university. I was therefore left with this only option. I proceeded to George Mason University where I am a senior student. My Current overall GPA is 3. 3; Program GPA is 3. 95 and I Major in Biology.

I have enrolled to Biology honor program and I will be graduating as an honor student in this major. Vested with great responsibility for excellent performance, I am inquisitive and of an analytical mind. Moreover, I am ready and quick to learn, a team player, self-driven and result oriented. In that respect, I am a member of George Mason university pre-dental society and Tau Sigma national honor society. I have pursued the opportunities presented to me to advance my understanding of the subjects I have studied.

For instance, I enrolled for the honors program at George Mason University. In the course of my honors program, which was general genetics, I have researched about cancer and telomerase activity. I believe, however, that the pursuit of deeper scientific understanding is not limited to the classroom. I have used my shadowing opportunities not only as practical learning experiences, but also as a chance to ask questions from the dentist I have shadowed. Whenever I heard a word or saw an unfamiliar procedure, I asked about it.

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