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ICT – Webpage Implementation Essay

Essay Topic:

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After I pass the design to the manager, he gives me some information about his thoughts. He then wants me to start to create a website for their new game, so I use the software “Dream weaver” to start these jobs.

By using the design part, I’ve create a page “Home”.

First I set up the front of the page; it contains some news and an Elf picture, also a flash at the bottom right hand corner. At the right hand side, it got different hyperlinks; First page would reopen the “Home” again; the “Information” will go to the second sheet as the person click on it.

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There’s an extra hyperlink added called “Feed Back”, this is use for the reader who want to give some opinion about the game and anything else.

The second work in “Home” was the “Flash”, it has a short movie about the game, and it will play automatically as you enter this page. The flashes were creating as:

Then I create a second webpage, Information, it include some information about the game, also some background of the shop.

This page have the same set up for all the hyperlinks using the “Home” design, they will go to the direct page as we click on it. The date of the website will be update every time you look at it. The information of the game we use font “times new roman” so mostly people can be able to read it.

Some more information could be fell in as the game were updated, the empty box under the information were a space for that.

The next page I make was called download.

In this download page, it got lots of different pictures to download, just have to click on the “Show Larger Picture” button; it will automatically bring you to a larger size of picture. This is another way of hyperlink, which can put lots of picture but save more spaces.

Also, the hyperlink of the sheet was working as properly, they would take you to the place you wanted to be. If you click on Home, it will take you back to the homepage of this website.

The next slide I create up was Contact.

It got some short information for the company, such as phone number, mobile number, and email address. We may use the information to contact the shop and get more details about any problems we got in the game or so. As you click on the email address it will automatic goes to your email and uses this e-mail address to send a mail out.

Also, by using the address given we may go to the shop and then we can be sure of more details of the game.

The last page of the website use is the feed back.

In this pace the person who visits the site can ask any questions, as they fill in the form. As they can see, the underline part is the area for filling in the information. After all the information and the feed back were fill back in, there’s an “send” button at the bottom right hand corner, which can send the “opinions” to the staff.

After I finish the implementation, I immediately show it to the manager. He looks please to have this “normal” website. He asked me to check that everything is going to be working properly.

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