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ICT Specification Essay

Essay Topic:

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This business is a company based on renting cars that are owned by the company itself to people which are in need of transportation and are willing to pay a one-off payment most cases to hire a car that may include a chauffeur if required this will be at extra cost.

This company offers a number of things:

* Unlimited mileage for your whole rental (except in a few instances*)

* All mandatory insurances

* A guaranteed discount for booking on line!

* Waiver for collision damage liability (so you don’t pay for damage to the vehicle, except for a normal excess and exceptions)

* Waiver for vehicle theft (so you do not pay if your rental car is stolen, except for an excess)

* All other direct charges or surcharges known pre-booking (with a few exceptions*)

The company also has their own web page which can be used for various things.

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It is run by Mr F James who started this business 4 years ago independently and has successfully been the manager at their main office which is located:

16 Waterworks street



B6 6TR

Overall they employ 15 people not including Mr James. These people do various jobs such as:

* Customer services: await phone calls from the customers that have already rented a car encase there are any problems or any issues that need solving or they need assistance with.

* Answering phones calls at first stage: this is when customers might call in for information or are first giving in their details to the company, to enable them access to a car.

* Availability and returns personal: these are the people that update the database with information on cars that are available, new or they make sure the cars are return in the same condition they were handed out on.

* Repairs: this is a mechanic who will restore and check the cars before they are given to the next customer.

* Chauffeur: these are the personal that drive the customers if they require a driver.

* Admin people: these are the people that keep control of the situation and make sure that everything is going according to their specification and they are meeting their customer’s needs. Furthermore this type of personal is in charge of all toe new buys the company makes for example in cars and they make sure improvements are made.

The customers of this business are people in need to rent a car these people could be anyone whom for example, is in need of a trip therefore renting a car or is arriving at a new city or country and needs a pickup from the airport or wants a car to roam around the city with. Also there could be customers that are tired of driving the same car every day and want to upgrade to a higher class car for a week so that they can give themselves a luxurious experience.

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