ICT Industry And Employment Essay

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ICT Industry And Employment

Understanding the impact of information technology will greatly affect one’s choice of career path. In this world of computers, electronic data and the internet, it is more practical to consider jobs and careers that go hand in hand with IT. There are solid evidences that the ICT industry will soon be the biggest player in any world economies. In the healthcare industry, every patient data is going paperless. With the introduction of EMR or Electronic Medical Records, hospitals, patients and health professionals can easily exchange data in order to assess the best possible way to provide patients with the necessary healthcare.

Computers and the internet play important roles in EMR. Meanwhile, the finance and banking industry are also going electronic by implementing e-commerce strategies. Many of them are now providing electronic banking and investment facilities that clients can easily access. This innovation saves them thousands of dollars, which could have been used for labor, facility, or marketing funding needs. On the other hand, engineering companies are also joining the bandwagon. They have set up their respective IT departments in order to integrate computers to their manufacturing and service sectors.

With the availability of reliable data, engineering companies can easily decide on implementing their plans or relaying information across all departments, which will result to better productivity. So what do these evidences say? Information and Communications Technology will soon become the very backbone of any economic sectors. In fact, any industries (software, electronics, hardware, internet) related to IT are considered some of the most robust in the global economy (Stanley Labs). If one wishes to get a bright future, then investing on learning the techniques in IT will be the right approach.

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