ICT and entertainment, TV and games consoles

Today there is a lot of technology which can be found to help improves our day to day lives by providing us with entertainment e.g. the TV, computer, radios, and games consoles.


People use TV to keep up to date with all the latest news and gossip, and they also like to watch films. Within the past few years TVs have dropped rapidly in price so there is no real excuse not to own one anymore. There have been some proven problems with the TVs.

They may cause some social problems for people who decide that watching TV is more important than going out and socializing with friends and family.

Personal life’s may also be affected by the television as some people can become obsessed with watching the television resulting in not having enough time to do other activities e.g. read or clean. Also there is a small chance that over the course of many years, people allow their values and opinions to be persuaded by television.

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But on the other hand a television helps socialize, if you have happened to watch the same programme or following the same series as a friend, you will have something that you both can talk about.

Also televisions are great if you have a few friends around and you can all sit back and relax together whilst watching the same thing. TVs are great after a long stressful day so you can sit back and relax to a programme of your choice.

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Televisions now provide a film on demand option, allowing you to choose the film that you want to watch from a large library of films, record any programs you might miss or want to share with family and friends, pause and rewind live TV.

This helps people plan their days better allowing them to watch selected programmes when they want other than the selected show time. Also with the busyness of peoples modern life if they happen to be a little bit late and miss the start of a program they can always rewind to the beginning. The high demand of televisions creates more and more jobs as the demand for films and new programs are increases all the times.

Overall I think that having a TV is a good thing however people need to be careful that their values and opinions aren’t being persuaded by televisions programmes. TVs have improved our lives in many different ways, thanks to all the game shows, soap operas, contests and films that we are able to relax to and enjoy.

Games consoles

The first games console was released back in 1971 so they have been around for a long period of time appearing in homes arcades and pubs for many of years. However year on year the concept of a games console is constantly being improved. There are many types of games consoles on the market each slightly different to the other, but what they all have in common is that they are proven to be great source of entertainment. Play station 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS. Many people will have more than one console in their house.

Some of these consoles allow you to play games with your friends as long as you have internet access. This is a great social side to the games consoles allowing you to play and chat freely with your friends and even make new friend online. You can play tournaments and complete different missions together. There are accusation being tossed around everywhere about the fact that some people believe teenagers are spending too much time playing inside on their games consoles and not got enough time out socializing with their friends, outside.

They are worried that they may lose the ability to communicate correctly with each other in real life situations as they will not be getting any hands on experience if they spend the majority of their time inside playing games. This could lead to serious problems in the future for peoples social lives. For some people games consoles could have a bad impact on people’s professional life, as they may become too preoccupied with the game and not producing enough work at home as they are distracted. Games consoles may also become their main priority, putting gamming a head of more serious issues like relationships. This could result in lack of communication between the two or not spending enough time together.

Modern day technology has provided us with so many different items and opportunities to keep us entertained at all times. But with this great technology there are some considerably large draw backs, the fact that too much of any of the mentioned above could cause or help increase the chances of health issues, such as poor eye sight. Overall I believe that the contribution of technology has help improve many of our lives by providing us with quality entertainment.

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ICT and entertainment, TV and games consoles

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