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ICT and an Adult in Education Essay

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Mr Williams is a teacher at my school, he teaches ICT and Business Studies at KS3, ICT at KS4, Form Tutor, Production, Collection and Collation of Reports for the whole of my school. He produces information on students and for staff to help in teaching and learning, he also produces statistics for staff, senior staff, LEA and DFES. He also produces information to do with effort grades ad target setting information.

So he uses a lot of technology, this includes;

* PC’s on a Network

* Apple Mac’s on a Network

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* Internet via 10MB broadband

* E-mail

* Laptop also on Network

* Digital Video Camera

* Digital Still Camera

* Digital LCD Projector

* Palm m515 PDA

* Wireless Notebooks Window/MAC OS

* USB Memory sticks

* Data Logging Hardware

* Control hardware/software

* Fax

* Also available – Interactive Whiteboard

Mr Williams is a teacher of I.C.T and business studies at Key Stage 3, teacher of I.C.T at Key Stage 4, Production, collection and collation of Reports for the whole school, effort grades and target setting information he produces also. He produces of information on students for staff to use which will help in teaching and learning. He has achieved the Electronic registration system for the whole school within 12 months for people to use and view. He performs general backup for staff using RM software, he also performs General Network Administration which is adding new pupils and staff users. He gives advice on purchasing new equipment for the whole school and departments. He selects, purchases and setup’s laptops for teachers using E-Learning. Mr Williams analyses exam results so senior staff and heads of years or departments so they are aware of achievement compared to the expected results. Staff are also able to view these results so they can be aware of performance issues. Subject staffs, heads of years and departments, senior staff and form tutors are also able to access these results, grades and comments. Extra software is available which will help staff by using the system that was introduced by Mr Williams, (software produced using Microsoft Visual Basic).

The RM Network

The RM network system allows Mr Williams to access the information on students and is able to update it if needed such as if the student changes address or phone numbers. Mr Howells can now, after Mr Williams has set the network up, can get access to LEA Management Information System and the school records. Data bases are creates to hold student information on staffs users names or folders on their laptops. Mr Williams has also enabled access from home, using the internet and school passwords. He has also updates the Pupil Achievement Tracker software which allows staff to store progress of students within classes or year group. The RM connect system enables Mr Williams and two other members of staff, who are supervisor users, to access students work areas to solve problems and to check appropriate use of programmes and internet. The E-mail system is also filtered so inappropriate E-mails are redirected and staff are able to view them, the access of websites with inappropriate language or content such as pictures, Mr Williams and the other two members can check. The RM system is set up to allows staff to open Read only documents so they can give students access to related subjects. Mr Williams uses this for providing information, revision materials, coursework guides and modelling situations and simulation materials. Also used is a Virtual CDROM software and a multimedia server this allows staff and students to access CDROM images, such as the Applied ICT On-Line course used in years 9, 10 and 11.

Digital Multimedia Technology

Mr Williams also uses digital multimedia technology to help provide teaching and learning resources. Mr Williams used a digital camcorder, a still camcorder and Video editing software on Apple computers on a programme called IMovie and Windows, Microsoft Movie Maker2 to interview staff in local company. The final video clips were used on Matchware Mediator, which helped him to produce a series of web pages which students now use for their coursework tasks.

Digital LCD Projector

Mr Williams uses a digital LCD projector to allow students to use and interact with progressing work. Either Mr Williams or a Student will control the PC being used in the demonstration or teaching session. Mr Williams also uses this technology with teachers on Inset days for staff.

School Internet Network

Mr Williams uses the internet the school provides for teaching and learning and links on the school system. The internet is used for research for topics and to help Mr Williams keep up to date with the education and subjects. Students and staff use the school e-mail system to communicate or send work for marking or that has been marked via E-mail.

Mr Williams can view student’s progress on GCSE grades by using created databases in DataPower which stores coursework marks, comments and examination marks. Formulae is used to estimate the final grade the student may be given to the student, he can do this by using board supplied information. This information is shared with students and used to report back to parents.

Virtual Learning

Mr Williams has helped in the introduction of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE allows students to upload web pages to the school system and also as a secure data and information storage area for student’s work.


Mr Williams uses PDA in school; this holds a lot of useful information such as Diary information, pupil performance information, examples of E-book for future reference by students in the school. Software and information can be ‘beamed’ using Infra – Red technology to members of staff or to certain Infra-Red equipped printers in the school.

USB Stick

Mr Williams has introduced the use of USB stick technology which enables transport of large amounts of data in a compact secure form (32 or 128 Mb at present).

Data Logging and Control Hardware

Mr Williams uses Data Logging and Control hardware in teaching and provides INSET days for ICT and Science staff, these days are needed to improve the quality of teach


Mr Williams uses the wireless (55Mb) notebooks with students in school and with adult learners to allow them to experience new technology. The advantages are obvious, a lot more space recommended for each machine, extra infra form is required, (Wireless access points can be plugged into network sockets, for easy movement), students can also work in groups in a more adjustable way.

The School Network

The School Network System enables Mr Williams to access information on students or necessary by students or staff anywhere in the school.


He uses a lot of software such as Microsoft Word Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, DataPower 2, Macromedia dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Pupil Achievement Tracker (PAT), IMovie, Microsoft Movie Maker 2, QuickTime Pro, Microsoft Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, EasyMail and Outlook Express.

Hardware and Network, Windows Desktop PC’s, Windows Laptop, Apple IBooks (wireless) Apple G4 desktops, Apple Network using MACOS Xserver, RM Connect network using 5 NT4 servers and a multimedia server, Fibre Optic spine connecting four cabinets which contain Hubs and Switches, 100Mb Ethernet to the desktop, 10Mb Broadband Internet access with RM SmartCache technology, Palm m515 PDA using IR and USB technologies for transferring data. He also uses a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, Sony digital video camera, Canon digital video camera, Sony digital still camera, Canon digital still camera.

The Internet

Mr Williams uses the internet for research, if he did not have the internet he would have to get information from textbooks, and use more textbooks during lessons while he teaches. If he had to do this it would be expensive. If he was not able to have access to the internet it would mean he would have to photocopy from books so he would have to arrange time before and after lessons to photocopy the information needed. To do this more money is needed to be spent and more time would be needed, so other jobs will not be able to be completed as time would be wasted on photocopying. As Mr Williams will always be up to date with resources as he uses the internet. Mr Williams also uses the internet to buy gifts for friends and family, such as buying tickets fro the cinema or theatre, with his friends and family. He likes using the internet to but gifts as he gets an online discount, that isn’t available in the shops and by using the internet he doesn’t have to waste time waiting in queues. Although there is a disadvantage about purchasing online as he doesn’t always get to see all the objects in the shop, and he also has to pay for delivery, but that works out the same as the amount of money he would of spent driving to the shop and parking.


The PDA had several facilities this means Mr Williams will have all the information he needs for the day. If he didn’t have this piece of technology Mr Williams wouldn’t be able to travel around school to see students and teachers as he would have to carry lot’s of papers with him if he didn’t have this technology. Sometimes he is not able to take his laptop into meetings but with this programme he is able to save work to his area, this is handy as he will never loose his work or information, like he would if he had to carry paper around with him. The PDA has facilities which a useful to Mr Williams, such as alarms and a diary, this meets his needs as he is never late to an appointment or meeting and never misses a private party or function, like a family member’s of friends birthday party.

Digital Camcorder

He uses a digital camcorder to create applications for his students ICT classes. This allows Mr Williams to download the resources directly to the system. Mr Williams can now uses student friendly resources in his teaching schedules, enriching and improving the experience of his students education.

Memory Stick

Mr Williams uses a memory stick which allows him to be more resourceful and more flexible in his job. This means Mr Williams can hold data on and be able to transport it around school easily. As he can store more work it means he can do more work at home in his own time in the evenings and at the weekend. This means Mr Williams can now spend more time at home as before he had a memory stick he would have had to spend more time at school, which before he felt he was missing out on his family life.

Notebook Dell D810

He uses a Notebook Dell D810, this means he now has more freedom than he used too. Before he had this laptop it meant that he had to sit at a desktop, which is usually in a classroom, and could not get much work finished. This programme means that he can move around during school, as long as it has a wireless connection to the network, having this means he can complete all of his work.

Microsoft Word

This Microsoft programme can give Mr Williams a variety of options and facilities. One of the facilities is mail merge is useful for producing reports for students. If Mr Williams did not have this option of using Microsoft Word, it would take him an awful long time to add address’s and reports for students. The word processing software also checks his spelling and grammar so it looks professional and correct. Power Point is also used by Mr Williams to create presentations for students. Having this programme allows students how to create different fun pieces or work.


Mr Williams uses E-mail for school and his social life he uses this so he can send work to and from home, also he can sends work to students via e-mail, with suggestions on how to improve their work. He also uses this to communicate with his family and friends to arrange events in his social life. He likes e-mail because he knows that when he sent an e-mail, it will be viewed by the person he has sent it to, when they open their inbox. This therefore means he can communicate. This means he can communicate with anyone when he is on his computer and isn’t near a phone. Doing this means he doesn’t have to wait until the person turns on their phone or leaves a message or is at home. Mr Williams feels that when he leaves a message on a phone, he doesn’t feel he can communicate properly. He knows that if he sends an e-mail, all of the necessary information will be displayed once read.

Network System

Mr Williams is able to access information anywhere in the school. This means that he can complete his work anywhere and any time, when he has spare time.

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