ICT Essay Topics

The requirements of the user were to convert

Introduction This document will outline all the major tasks and subtasks involved in the Unit 2 part of the three-unit course. Requirements The requirements of the user were to convert a paper based system of booking to an electronic booking system through my vast knowledge of ICT. This involved creating a logo, an invoice, the… View Article

Importance of data security and data safety

To prevent companies from using or passing on confidential information to other companies without the permission of the person who the data is about, companies will need to protect the data. With the popularity of the Internet there are opportunities for thieves to steal their personal data. So the government set a law (data protection… View Article

Changing the system of a video library

The current system is a hand written and hand handled by Mr Roberts. It is a paper database where all details of the members, transaction and return details are stored. Mr Roberts currently operates all the system by himself and he does this to keep a record of all the bookings out of the videos,… View Article

Ict analysis

It is also very easy to produce the forms as it is just paper and questions that have been printed. This is very easy task for the restaurant but if the customer number increases higher it will be impossible for the system to work in order. ¬†This filing system will never break down and have… View Article

Chessington World of adventures

In this assignment I am going to investigate the purpose for which an organisation uses ICT. The company that I am going to review is called Chessington World of Adventures. I will also write about the ICT systems used in one department that I have written about in unit 2a. I will write about the… View Article

Alternative approach to quality control

Game do not produce a product therefore Game focuses its attention on the customer service. Selling the software there are levels of quality control and assurance which can not be beat. Here I have suggested different approaches Game could go about to ensure good customer relations and also to further improve their service to customers…. View Article

Exploring the use of ICT in Early Childhood Education in New Zealand

In New Zealand, education styles have been like fashions that revive. Education system has changed a lot. The old system came back into use with some modifications to suit the current situation. In New Zealand, a school base curriculum development (SBCD) is one of the learning systems used in 1980s and 1990s. The system was… View Article