The Ice Cream Parlour

Emma and Saima are to work Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sales assistant 1 is to work on a Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Sales assistant 2 is to work on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. As it can be seen no one is to work on a Monday this is because we found out that it is less busy during the weekday due to students going to school, colleges and universities. Also we can have a break from the busy weekend we are to have.

We all are to work during the weekend the reason for this is we expect it to be busier as there are no lessons for students during the weekend.

Families can take their children out during the weekend for a treat or as a day out together. The Marketing Plan Product/Service We are to sell Ice Cream Sundaes at Ice Bar. We are to buy the Ice Cream products from other businesses due to potentially less work and save time.

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The Ice Cream would be sold in a variety of flavours with toppings and sauces if wanted. The customers would have a choice of choosing the flavours and the size of the Sundae they want. Ice Cream is an impulse item; it cannot be recreated at home and is not for sale in the Supermarket, so many people will buy the Ice Cream when they see the opportunity.

Suitable for kids and adults alike, ‘it really brings a smile to your customer’s faces.

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‘ We found out that Ice Cream is fun and can make ‘enormous profits. ‘ With an average margin of 50p per cone many of the businesses achieve returns in excess of i?? 9,000 profit in a 6 month period. However, Ice Cream does not have to be restricted to the summer months only. Many of the businesses extend the profit opportunities by offering Ice Cream Sundaes, which can have profit margins of i?? 2. 00 or more. The main difference with our Ice Cream product is that we are offering a variety of flavours of Ice Cream Sundaes with the choice of size.

The Ice Cream Sundaes are to be eaten at a bar. Pictures of Sundaes can be seen at Appendix From our market research the most popular Ice Cream flavours are Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Ripple. As well as these we are to offer Toffee, Baileys and Fudge as they were put as ‘other flavours’. If these other flavours are not selling well, then we are to sell a flavour that is to sell well, by doing furthermore market research. These are the flavours we are to sell at the start of the business. (Appendix ) Customers Our customers are to be one-off or regular customers and local.

We do not have a certain target market but as we are located mainly near students they are our target market. We expect our customers to be all of different ages especially people who enjoy eating ice cream. Our customers may value quality and service more than price and so they would hopefully stick with us despite a reasonable price. The reason for this is that nobody else sells ice cream sundaes in the area. They would be able to buy the products on a visit to the premises which is on Ecclesall Road. They would be able to buy the products on weekdays and Saturday only. The Ice Cream Parlour would be open throughout the year.

The methods of payment include cash and cheques and credit card payments where people pay immediately. This is meant by without offering the customer a period of credit before they pay. We are not to allow credit as we are small business selling ice cream sundaes which are to not to cost a lot which we would not be able to afford to put on credit. The customers are buying the Sundaes to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy eating Ice Cream in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. To see the plan of the parlour where the customers would be eating there Sundaes look at appendix

Competitors We are to locate our business on Ecclesall Road which can be seen below on the map. There is a lot of competition on Ecclesall Road. Our competitors are who sell food. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs, fast food takeaways, sandwich shops etc. The blue dot with the number 1 next to it is where our Ice Bar is to be located. The blue dot with number 2 is where our mainly close competitors are they are Our products are different as there is not another Ice Cream Parlour anywhere on Ecclesall Road. So there is a huge gap in the market. Promoting the business

Advertising – We are going to place posters at the nearby universities, schools and colleges. Also we are to do a leaflet drop to 500 potential customers. The leaflet drop would be within 1. 5 mile of the location of the Ice Bar. To promote our business we are to give 10% off with a leaflet you receive. We are to make the customers aware of Ice Bar that we will be opening soon with the leaflets and we are open. To preview the leaflets look on the next page. We are also planning to promote at the front of the shop. We want to convey a fun, carefree atmosphere, informative, display window.

Reputation – To encourage word of mouth we could do promotions on our Sundaes for a short period of time after we open so people can try our products and tell their friends about Ice Bar. Image – Our image will mostly be set up by the appearance of our premises. We will be aiming to create a modern, sleek, minimalist yet cosy atmosphere. Price Price is an important role of the business. The prices should be reasonable not set too high or too low. We set the prices reasonable for the customers not too high not too low. The Sundaes depend on the size bought.

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The Ice Cream Parlour

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