Ice Cream Making Essay

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Ice Cream Making

Some may call it a comfort food, others a family tradition, but we all know sweet potatoes pie is delicious. This pie is common around the colder holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sweet potatoes pie common ingredients are of course sweet potatoes, butter, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pie crust. The pie color can vary from light orange to dark orange. The flavor of pie is sweet with a combination of different spices. The texture of the pie is usually smooth, but it is not uncommon to have small pieces of sweet potatoes in it; also some sweet potatoes pies have nuts has toppings which makes it not smooth. The smell of sweet potatoes pie is one that brings up memories to people, the smell of sweet potatoes with various species has a sweet smell. The ice cream mix is liquid, it is thick and creamy; it is tasteless similar to milk and is white in color.

After the sweet potatoes mix, which consist of, cinnamon, butter, sugar, nutmeg, pecans, and sweet potatoes was added to the ice cream mix. The mix turned a light orange color. The color adds to the appeal of the product because it is orange just like sweet potatoes. The texture of the ice cream is not smooth because of small pieces of sweet potatoes chucks and walnuts in it. However, we didn’t want it to be too smooth because sweet potatoes pies aren’t smooth and the nuts add texture to it. The different spices are also seen and tasted in the ice cream.

The pecans were coated with cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg. This added a sweeter flavor to the ice cream as well as additional spices. The group did a very good job of maintaining the sweet potatoes flavor with ice cream. It has the spices and taste similar to regular sweet potatoes pie. The smell is similar to the smell of sweet potatoes pie; it smells sweet and has a smell of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

We first made an unhealthy recipe, added 60.2g of butter to sweet potatoes to make it creamy which also made it easy for it to be smashed. After the sweet potatoes were smashed until the texture we desired, we added 2g of cinnamon, 12g of sugar, 1g of nutmeg, to the 308 g of sweet potatoes mixed. After the ingredients were mixed the 25g of pecans were added to the mix. Then the sweet potatoes mix was added to 900mL of the Mayfield ice cream mix gradually. It was then churned for 20 minutes. Then the ice cream was taken out a placed in a blast freezer for storage. Then we made a healthy version of the ice cream, the recipe for the healthy version is 308g of sweet potatoes, 1g of nutmeg, 2g of cinnamon, 30.1g of margarine salted and 5g of Splenda.

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