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IBM preparing

IBM is preparing an exciting internship opportunity for those interested in careers in global technology, and we invite you, as a newly-hired undergraduate consultant, to encourage your friends and classmates to apply with us for their own chance to take part in this pilot program. IBM, Global Business Service plans to open its internship program to include undergraduate students. While we have special interest in grooming our newly-hired undergraduate consultants into such positions, IBM also wants to hear about other promising college students.

This is where you, as one of our best and brightest collegiates, can help by guiding those you feel can fit into our work life and mission statement to apply at our website for an internship. This new program will even further help our mission “to develop analytics, tools and techniques for enabling more effective talent management and driving novel solutions for IBM and our clients. ” There are many benefits of any IBM internship position, and opening this up to more undergraduates will really help student careers.

Prestigious graduate schools, domestic and international technology firms, and IBM itself look for undergraduate students who demonstrate an ability to be set apart from their peers while succeeding. IBM, Global Business Service’s internships will offer hands-on experience to a segment of the college population that is often neglected in higher technological learning opportunities, and perhaps help create future leaders for the company.

Most colleges will also likely permit credit and even financial aid, in addition to your IBM benefits and compensation, if your classmates are accepted for these experiences. There are also possibilities for travel and even full-time jobs for successful interns. Take a chance on your future through helping someone else find career direction toward IBM and do not hesitate to keep this upcoming internship in mind for your future plans as needed.

Any time you join forces with IBM as you work to a long-lasting technology career is a good move for your future. We consider all our interns, consultants, and employees the best of the best, and we trust that they will help us by finding more excellent people to help make IBM’s mission remain true. Sincerely, Internship Manager.


Our Mission. (2009). Retrieved March 25, 2009 from IBM Research: http://domino. research. ibm. com/comm/research_projects. nsf/pages/workforce. mission. html.

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