I would like to introduce myself as a single Pakistani

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I would like to introduce myself as a single Pakistani, and I have been named by my parents “Danish Jamal”. Well, I was born on 18th of December 1995 in Gujranwala. Gujranwala is the 5th largest city of Pakistan and it’s about 70 km away from Lahore i: e capital of Punjab. Gujranwala is famous for wrestling and diet. Currently, I am living in a nice area known as Shalimar Town near Punjab University Gujranwala campus with plethora of shopping malls and eye catching restaurants.

I have a sweet and caring family as I am living in joint family including my mother, younger sister and mu Aunt with their adorable young children.

Nowadays, I am an employee of Coca Cola (CCBPL) and I am serving as an IT Engineer in Gujranwala Plant situated about 20 km away from my home. This is my first professional job after completion of my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. As, I have completed my Matriculation from “Public Science School” Gujranwala in 2011 with 80 percent marks and stood 2nd amongst my class mates during that session in school.

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I have an emotional touch with my school as I have continuously studied from my play group days my Matriculation. I also received shield of honor as I won the Gaming Competition in “Intra Gaming School Competition” held amongst schools in Gujranwala. Since my childhood till now, I am keen on playing sports and video games and that’s how my interest been developed in learning things. In 2013 (September), I have completed my FSC Pre- Engineering with major subjects as Mathematics, Physics with gaining 74 percent marks from “The Educators College” Gujranwala campus.

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The highlight of my college era apart from studies is receiving certification of taking part in curriculum activities. Myriad things came into knowledge regards to my plan and fulfilling my dream of how to become an Engineer and what steps need to be taken to get an admission into the University. I never liked Biology and Chemistry and that is the cause of gaining low scores in both Secondary School and Higher Secondary School. But I have to study those subjects because they were mandatory and I am happy that I struggled and was over the line with ease without failing. In later 2013, I started to applying in multiple universities of Pakistan but my aim from the college days was to get admission in National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad main campus. For that, I have to prepare well so I took admission in KIPS Institute Lahore for the preparation of entrance exam.

For the first time, I was living in hostel and I enjoyed that experience while spending great time in studies as well as visiting academic institutes and libraries to get the best knowledge for my field of study. After preparing approximately for 2 months, I finally applied in Software Engineering department and Telecom Department by fulfilling the admission criteria. In November 2013, I received an email about the dates of entrance exam. On 1st December, I got the results and I passed my exam with ease and I was over the moon by seeing that I was selected in top 50 students. NUML offered me both choices i: e Telecom and Software Engineering. As my goal was clear so I preferred Software Engineering.

On 18th December, I had an interview session with the University panel about why I was choosing that particular field and which I cleared with ease and I still remember that date because it’s my birth date and I gave happy news on that day to my family that I University has offered me my dream field of study. My family was happy and specially my dad was happier more than anyone else that my son has done a great job. On 2nd February 2014, I was enthusiastic because it’s my 1st day in University as my journey began. I lived in G/7-2 Islamabad with my class fellows. There are two major reasons why I dreamed of NUML. Firstly, it’s a semi-government University and the faculty members as highly qualified and professional as they were graduated from well developed countries.

Secondly, it is situated in Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, famous for its beauty, decor, fascination, attractiveness and the one regarded fully. Islamabad being the glorious one could be competed over the entire cities of the world. It is highly developed and the developments can have been seen in every angle of the city, moreover it is also included in the list of largest cities in the world. The most beautiful capital of the world is the one on which entire Pakistan feel proud and very well pleased. People thought to visit Islamabad for Islamabad being too striking, fine-looking and stunning.

It is also famous for being clean, cool, calm, peaceful, sparkling, hygienic, fresh and dirt free. It is the most broad-based and urbanized city of the Pakistan. It is very up-to-dated one, modern and very well maintained lie at the northern part of the country capturing the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. Islamabad is enlisted in the top ten beautiful capital cities. And, I always preferred to live under such fascinating environment. While studying the first semester of my Bachelor, my GPA was only 2.45 as I was struggling with homesickness at the time. Since then I have been able to seek support from the institution and achieve highly once again. I have completed my Bachelors in 2018 with GPA of 3.03.

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