I Want to Study in Madison

Since I was in middle school I knew I wanted to study a field that relied on science. At a young age I found physics, math and chemistry very interesting and I always wanted to know how products that we use in our daily life like toys, cars, airplanes, detergents, are designed and produced. At that time I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but everything changed when I visited an Alcohol Distillery with my father. I was amazed by that place.

I met Max, the chemical engineer and the production director of the company. He explained to me how they turn sugar from grain, into ethanol. I learned a lot about fermentation and how we can use distillation to separate two different compounds with different boiling points. I learned that alcohol is used in making medicines that save lives, is used as fuel in our cars and is more ecological than gasoline, is used on alcoholic beverages, perfumes, and a lot of other products.

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Since then I have had a great interest in converting raw materials into useful products through application of chemistry and physics on a large scale. I decided to follow this career path to become a chemical engineer. After searching up online on what chemical engineers do, I found that they can do everything. Almost every product that is produced has to be touched by a chemical engineer at some point in a way or another. I like problem solving and critical thinking and I want to work on an environment of that type.

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Having day to day challenges keeps me interested and drives me to push my limits of productivity.

Chemical Engineers can change the world, which means safer drinking water, expanding the use of renewable energy sources, cheaper medicines, cleaner air and a better products that impact our daily life. This is why I want to be a chemical engineer.

I want to study in Madison because it is one of the best Universities in the world for chemical engineering and it is only two and a half hours away from my home so I can visit my parents when they need me. I have visited madison before and I really like the city and how it is blended with the campus. And its location right next to the lakes is just breathtaking. I love windsurfing(sailing) and lake Mendota seems to have the perfect wind and not much waves in the afternoon, so I can learn new tricks. The landscape is beautiful with a lot of outdoor activities in the summer and in the winter. I love outdoor sports like rafting, skiing and mountain biking. Also UW madison is a diverse institution. I like meeting different people from different cultures and I will promote the albanian virtues as well. The proffesors are very qualified and they put o lot of effort into teaching their classes.

Most of its classes are with less than 20 students. UW has a lot of research opportunities in which I am very interested since I want to get a masters degree and a PhD later on. One of the colleges with the best student life and plenty of organizations and things to do even tho I will spend most of my time in the library. It has so much to offer and I would never be left alone. I want to do research on renewable resources and making production techniques more efficient so we consume less energy and we have a cleaner environment.

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