I Love College Essay

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I Love College

I Love College by Asher Roth is considered 2009’s college anthem. A dance song about college parties, complete with under-age drinking, possible date rape, and the lack of focus on academics, I Love College is on most teenagers’ iPod playlist, especially the teenagers who are planning on going to college in the fall. I Love College by Asher Roth is not only degrading to women and sends the message to impressionable teenagers that women are only for men’s enjoyment. The lyrics of I Love College are offensive, to say the least, to all college students, not only women.

The lyrics imply that all a college student does is go to parties and drink. However, women suffer the most because of these lyrics. This song is a prime example of men taking advantage of women. For example, the chorus of this song details how a college student went to a party, got drunk and high, got a girl “completely naked”, and did it all over again the next night. This song, because of its catchy beat, sends the message to teenagers that this behavior is acceptable, and it implies that every college student acts this way. The music video for I Love College could be considered more offensive than the lyrics.

The music video opens with a man standing up from sitting on a couch, pushing a girl, who is passed out, off of him. The next view the video shows of women is a group of girls, half nude, playing what appears to be strip poker. Throughout the video, Asher Roth kisses many different women, all of them wanting to be near him. The only image of women that viewers get from this music video is women undressing; this is all the women in this video did. To impressionable young people getting ready for college, this video, along with the lyrics, send the message that men are superior to women, and that women are only there for men’s entertainment.

The lyrics and music video for I Love College also sends the message that college is for partying and taking advantage of others, not for studying for a career, for a successful future. The lyrics and music video put women in a degrading light, portraying them as toys for men’s pleasure. This sends the wrong message to teenagers. The future of the American society is in trouble if these are the messages young people are getting through the entertainment they love so much.

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