I.G. “International Grocer” Essay

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I.G. “International Grocer”

1. Values and principles

a. Respect; at I.G. we treat all of our employees with courtesy as human beings first and foremost, at the same time; we stand strongly against any actions of exploitation and taking advantage of others. We welcome, acknowledge and respect other opinion. We deal with our difference with open mindedness. b. Honesty; at I.G. We expect all employees to be honest about their work and how they feel about the management. While honesty is a difficult value to be accomplished by all employees, here at I.G. we encourage honesty by rewarding good honest actions and feed backs that lead to company improvement, and by setting a high level of forgiving threshold when mistakes are made and admitted.

c. Tolerance; at I.G. is a tolerant work environment. Our employees are made of men and women of all ages and different back ground and cultures; we don’t tolerate any prejudice and biases towards any employees in any way shape or form. d. Caring; at I.G. we care about each employee and ask that you do the same to the company! We expect all employees to show compassionate and practice forgiveness when possible.

2. Accountability:

a. Responsibility for own actions; every individual is responsible for their own actions whether they are positive or negative. Positive actions are recognized and acknowledged by management for rewards, and negative actions can lead to disciplinary actions. b. Appropriate use of information; the use of information on a need to know basis, information should only be conveyed to the appropriate employees. Company’s plans, pricing, pay scale, etc. are not to be disclosed without proper approvals. c. Avoiding conflict of interest; keeping the Company’s interest should every employee’s priority. 3. Standard of conduct and practice

a. Complying with Job description; every employee is hired with a set of skills that should allow them to perform their jobs, and expected to comply with the task that is been assign to them. b. Commitment and loyalty; employees are expected to be satisfied with their workload and resources at their disposal to do their jobs and fell proud of what they do. The Goal at I.G. is to make all employee feel a sense of ownership at the company. c. Proper technology use; Data is an important part of our everyday operations. The use of computers hardware, internet services, and emails should be used exclusively for work purposes.

4. Disciplinary actions

a. Dealing with complains; proper investigation will be conducted to handle complaints. Every complaint will be handled very seriously by our HR, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem at that time. We have a zero tolerance for any sort of harassment, work violence, and any misconduct. We encourage support employees to step up and file a complaint when they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings to avoid bigger problems and to find workable resolutions in a timely manner. b. Penalties for violations; Employees will be written up for wrong doing for two times, Third time could lead to suspension or termination of job. Crimes (identified by local law enforcement) will be turned over to the police to handle.

B. Training Program:

1.Training will be held quarterly y to insure that all employees are up to date with Ethical training. Training will be based on a simulated scenario from different departments. Training will include but limited to I.G’s standard and procedures guide. 2.Training will be Web based an interactive; this will include short quizzes to ensure that the information is understood and comprehended. There also will be suggestion box to listen to other alliterative training delivery methods. Employees who attend all 4 ethic trainings in the year, and pass the quizzes will get an appreciation bonus.

3.Training will take 2 hours; it will be in the conference room with maximum attendance of 10 employees at a time. Employees will be given an opportunity to block their preferred time to attend one of 5 conferences during the week. 4.Training will be presented by professional third party company, I.G. Managers will be trained and certified to help conduct all trainings. C. Explaining the process for the following:

1. Monitoring Employee Misconduct:

a. All Misconducts will be immediately recorded in the employee record. I.G. will utilize all of its resources to educate all employees with the company policies. HR will write up, reprimand, and/or terminate base on the level of misconduct and the findings. b. I.G. will continually monitor any harassment actions, internet misuse and theft during work hours and breaks. c. Company resource such as video surveillance, internet logs, and review of anonymous complaints will be used to monitor misconduct.

2. Auditing employee Misconduct:

a. Auditing will include a full review of recorded phone conversations, call logs, internet records and employee records of pervious misconduct. Auditing will take in consideration the possibility of being misunderstood before taking a corrective action. b. Audits will be conducted in infrequent patterns; they will be announced the day of the audits. c. Management will assign a combination of HR and Department Managers to conduct audits.

3. Reporting Misconduct

I.G. has an open door policy to bring issues to the HR office without the fear for recourse; HR will handle all misconduct complaints with confidentiality. Also employees can write a letter with anonymous Complaint and drop it in the suggestion box.

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