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I Don't Choose My Weapon, My Weapon Chose Me

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The storage room looked nothing like what I had imagined. The room was bigger than my dorm. The storage was semi-circular with a door every two meters away from each other. There were fifteen doors which led to a room with a certain kind of weapon or armour. Above each door was a sign that stated which weapons were inside.

Twelve of those doors led to a room filled with a specific weapon. There were a variety of weapons; Swords, Daggers, Throwing Knives, Axes, Clubs, Lances, Staves, Bows, Siege Weapons, Whips, Chains, Magic items and the last one stated Ogygia special.

Each kind of weapon was led by a separate door. Then there was a section of armour, which took up the other half of the semi-circular hall. There were only three doors for armours which contained either a shield, armour or cloak.

“Let’s start with the swords and we’ll move on to the left once we finish.” Ivy said.

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“Yes.” I replied completely awestruck.

“Before I forget, we’ll not go to the siege weapons storage. Those are only meant for strengthening the Safe House’s defences.” Ivy added. “Also· when we enter, don’t touch the weapons without asking me, some of the weapons are cursed.”

“Cursed!” I gulped. “Why do we store cursed weapons?” I asked.

“So that innocent people aren’t affected by the cursed items, or so Chiron believes.” Ivy said.

“May I come in?” Someone asked at the door. As we looked backed, we saw it was Bansi.

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“Chiron told me to come here and get my first weapon, he said I’ll meet you here.”

“You are always welcome Bansi, feel free to join us.” Ivy said.

Ivy gave Bansi the same instructions she gave me as I adored how seriously she took her duty as a leader. Ivy and Bansi talked for a while as I was trying to absorb just how vast the storage room is.

Ivy tapped my shoulder and asked, “Are you okay with it?”

“Okay with what?” I asked because I wasn’t paying attention to their talk.

“Okay Natural Mess, pay attention when we are talking.” Ivy snapped.

“Natural Mess?” I asked wondering what it meant.

Bansi giggled and said, “I came up with the nickname, I’m glad you like it.”

“I don’t like it.” I said with a cross face.

“I know, but it’s your official nickname from now.” Bansi said with a naughty smile.

“Kyle and I already use your nickname behind your back.” Ivy said cheekily.

I didn’t respond. They were calling me by my nickname behind my back for Hemera knows how long. I was staring at them like a ‘Natural Mess’ and they both burst out laughing.

“Can we start picking our weapons? I’d rather fight monsters than be here another minute.” I said to try to change the topic.

“Stop crying like a girl.” Ivy teased. “You will be the one we bully from now on.” She told me and winked to Bansi. Bansi winked back.

With that over, we entered in and Ivy was our tour guide in the storage room. We started form swords room which I found interesting but Bansi thought otherwise. We moved on to the daggers room which all three of us found boring so we immediately moved to the next room. Eventually we reached the room which displayed the bows and Ivy took her time explaining how unique each bow was. She really loved bows, I didn’t. Moving on we reached the magical items section which Bansi liked.

I was about to collapse from all the information Ivy was feeding us with. Within an hour we finished inspecting all the weapons and armours, we stood in the centre of the semi-circle. It took about two minutes for us to adjust ourselves and Ivy stepped forward and faced towards Bansi and me.

“Have you caught anything of your interest in there?” Ivy asked.

“Swords and Lances.” I replied.

“Magic items.” Bansi replied.

“Okay, let’s start with the magic items, if you don’t mind Dhairya.” Ivy said.

“I don’t mind.” I confirmed.

“Okay let’s go then.” Bansi said excitedly.

We entered the storage area of the magic items. They were mostly rings, bracelets, circlets and potions. They were some books that had cool spells to make monsters turn into chicken but Ivy refused us to touch the books. We saw a cursed ring which had a purplish glow. Ivy told us that is wasn’t a ring of the Greeks, it was Egyptian. She refused us to ask further questions.

Bansi was busy scanning the room to find something to interest her. It took her minutes and finally she moved towards the rings. She was looking at two different rings turn by turn.

“What does this ring do?” She asked pointing at a bronze ring with a green emerald on it.

“We call that the Enischyt?s Isch?os. Which translates to Power Enhancer. This ring elevates your magical strength but exhausts you quicker.” Ivy relied.

“And what’s this?” Bansi asked this time holding a blue ring with shades of white.

“That is the Wind Striker. It summons the powers of one of the four wind gods which gives you the ability to control wind.” Ivy replied again.

Bansi now held the other Power Enhancer on her right hand and the Wind Striker on her left. She looked at both of them and was getting confused which one to pick. She tried both of them on and she got so excited.

She looked at Ivy in a way that both of us understood what she wanted to say.

“You can keep them both.” Ivy said before Bansi asked the question.

“Thank you.” Bansi squeaked excitedly.

“You’re welcome. It is quite common for heroes to have more than one weapon. I also use a dagger beside my bow.” Ivy said.

“You have another weapon!” Bansi screamed. “Show it.

“Calm down girl.” I said as I was a bit startle from Bansi screaming.

“Sorry.” Bansi told me. She faced towards Ivy and said, “Show us the dagger please. I want to see how it looks.”

“I don’t have my dagger here. It’s in my room back at the dorm.” Ivy said.

“Oh.” Bansi said awkwardly. “Then let’s get Dhairya a sword, shall we?”

“Okay, let’s go.” Ivy agreed.

“Yay, finally my turn to not be bored.” I said sarcastically.

With that, we left the magic items storage area and went in the swords storage area. The room was just as big as the magical items room except that the weapons here were bigger. There were many swords designed and built by the Athena’s and Hephaestus’s heroes.

On the left side of the storage, were swords as long as katana and on the right side were short swords which were just bigger than a dagger by a feet. In front of us were weapons with a unique design.

I tried holding each sword but they were either too heavy for me or too big for me. Some just didn’t have the right balance. I started scanning the room for a sword with the perfect balance and weight. I started the lose hope in finding my perfect sword.

Then one sword caught my eye. It was at the top left side of the central column. It was a one meter sword made of bronze but the fuller of the blade was made of gold. The pommel and the ¬cross-guard ¬of the sword had a sun shaped design on it. The edges of the sword looked so sharp I wondered if it could cut through iron with ease.

I moved closer to the blade and stretched out for it. Ivy and Bansi were both watching me pick the sword. The fuller and the sun shaped design on the pommel started glowing faintly.

Ivy gasped. Still holding the sword, I looked at her. She looked surprised. It took her a moment to get a straight face and finally she smiled.

“Congrats.” She said with her smile bigger than ever. “The Sol Blade has chosen you.”

“Umm, I just chose the blade in front of you. The blade didn’t choose me.” I said slightly confused.

“Yes it did. The blade saw you worthy for some reason and attracted you towards it. But in all the years, no one has ever used the Sol Blade.” Ivy said.

“What’s the Sol Blade?” Bansi asked right before I asked the question.

“I don’t know much but this blade was dug up about fifty years ago when there was a group of people were digging in a cave looking for diamond. The diggers found it useless because it was slightly damaged but they yet sold it to a museum for half a million dollars.” Ivy said.

“Half s million. That’s a lot of money.” I said wondering what I could do with half a million dollars.

“Anyways, Chiron sent a here of Hermes, because the hero was a skilled thief, to go and retrieve the blade before the blade went to the wrong hands.” Ivy said. “He got the blade and when he came back he was badly hurt, though he survived. The blade was fixed by one of the Hephaestus heroes and then it was kept in the storage in here.”

“Did any of the cool heroes like Heracles use it?” Bansi asked just before I asked. Bansi was stealing my questions and it was really triggering me but I stayed quiet.

“Chiron said he had never seen this blade before in his whole life or knew any hero who wielded it. So far there isn’t a lot of information of this weapon other than the fact it was looking for a worthy wielder.

“Other than the blade, is there any other object Chiron doesn’t know much about?” I finally asked before Bansi stole my question.

“Yes.” Ivy answered. “The only other object we don’t know much about is a red rock which has ancient glyphs on it. Chiron said it felt so familiar but yet so alien. It was kept in the storage for a week then Chiron came down here and took it. He said keeping two objects we don’t know much about is dangerous. That was the last time any hero ever saw it.

“What happened to the stone? Bansi and I both asked simultaneously.

“Chiron said he hid the stone somewhere. He is the only one who knows the location of the stone.” Ivy finished.

I stared at the sword that just claimed me as its rightful owner. My life was getting weirder and weirder. We left the storage area and Ivy locked the door.

None of the heroes in the workshop seemed to care about us leaving. Bansi and I headed out while Ivy went to give back the key to Michelle. We waited for Ivy and she came out after a minute or two. Ivy looked angry, maybe she had another argument with Michelle.

Kyle was at the stables playing with the Pegasus. Ivy smiled when she saw him.

“I’ll head back to my dorm.” Bansi said. “I want to rest before dinner.”

“Okay girl. Go rest.” Ivy said.

Ivy and Bansi hugged. This was a see you later hug. Staying with these two girls and made me learn a lot about girls’ way of greetings. They hugged a lot and I learnt what each kind of hug looked and what it meant. This hug was clearly a see-you-later hug.

Bansi left and that left Ivy and us alone. I had a question that I wanted to ask Ivy for a long time. This was the best opportunity I had to ask her the question.

“Ivy.” I called her name slowly to get her attention.

“Yeah Dhairya.” She answered. I was glad she didn’t call me Natural Mess.

“I have a question if I may.” I said.

“Ask. Quick.” Ivy said.

“Are you and Kyle a thing?” I asked.

She instantly turned pink. I could bet Kyle would have seen her blush all the way from the centre of the stable. She was even blushing harder now. My doubts were now clear. She did like Kyle and Kyle liked her too.

“How long have you too been dating?” I asked.

“Two weeks before you came.” She answered. “No one other than Bansi and you know and I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t but if you continue blushing like that, I wouldn’t need to tell anyone. They’ll just know it.” I said.

“Oh please. I blushed because you caught me off-guard.” Ivy said. Wish me luck. I am going to have my first kiss with him tonight. Don’t tell anyone, including Bansi.” She commanded.

“Okay I won’t tell anyone and best of luck.” I said.

After she stopped blushing, she went to Kyle who was still playing with the Pegasus. Ivy joined Kyle and started playing with the Pegasus too. I headed towards my dorm so I could rest. As usual, life had other plans for me.

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