I deserve to be a Scholar Essay

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I deserve to be a Scholar

To pass Education in UST is really an achievement for me. Before I took up the examination, I was so scared because, even though I am confident that I can manage to answer the exam, I am still afraid that I may not be able to have a slot because I am one of the applicants of the last batch. After passing the examination, I really regret that I failed to reserve my slot between the date I received the results up to the deadline of reservation. So, the moment the Dean of Education allowed me to have a late reservation for my slot in UST, I really felt absolute happiness and thanksgiving that finally, I am able to study on a decent and known school. Being asked by my classmates to teach them everytime they get trouble in studying makes me glad and pleasured. But you know what? There is a side that makes me confuse of choosing the course, Education. Why? Because many of my relatives, my father, and even the parents of my classmates said that Education doesn’t suit my intelligence. I deserve more. A higher degree and profession. They always recommend me medicine but well, I do like medicine and I really dreamt to be a doctor someday back to childhood days but its not the course I really prioritize right now. It’s not what do my heart and soul says. Maybe because I know that we cannot afford it and in reality, it takes too long to graduate. Moreover, I am finally decided to myself that I want to teach because I was inspired by my late Mommy Joyce who is a LET passer and to my teachers that’s looks like enjoying the work they have. And in addition I really love teaching that’s why its final that I will focus in BS Education to be my course in College. It seems that teaching is a really nice profession and I imagine of going to a classroom full of students and be able to teach them and afterwards developed a professional one someday. To be offered such kind of scholarship makes me overwhelmed and confident of myself. It makes me think that I am so gifted to be given such glorious award. As I thought, I don’t need a scholarship because I am thinking that more people deserve this more than I do and I already credited my scholarship for being the Valedictorian so I am thinking that maybe, it’s already enough. But then, I realized that working abroad to earn a living for your two daughters and as well as aming for them to study in a good school is such a hard job for my mom. So I was thinking that this opportunity might be a way to lessen the burden to my mom and to be given such additional scholarship would be a really big help for my college degree. Most of my mother’s childhood friends told me that my parents are really good in academics that’s why they think I inherited my intelligence form them. My mother also shared some of her memories and hardships she’d encountered and suffered when she was a student.

She experienced being a laundrywoman to earn money for her to finish college and it was really hard for her not to eat sometimes just to save money for her projects and learning materials. According to her, there will be no success if you haven’t faced hardships at all. She always asked me to study hard for us not to have the same fate as hers. Because of her I am so persistent to study hard and finish my studies. I told myself that if I will be able to study without her financial support, it will be a big relief for her. Since my sister is studying as an Engineer at Mapua, she said that if I push studying in UST, her salary won’t be enough to sustain both of us as well as the expenses in our house and daily living. I cannot ask for my father’s help either cause he already have a new family and what he can get from his job is just enough for them. I believe that sholarships are granted for those students who has a potential and I am confident that I am one of those because back in highschool days, I have maintained a high and well good grades, participated in various organizations, active in school affairs, helpful to the teachers, loyal to my alma mater and even showed cooperation in my community. I always worry of having low grades and I really work hard in every little thing I do. I remember those nights that I am wide awake studying my lessons and reviewing for examinations. I am also a consistent honor student of my school. When I was in highschool, I always wanted to be a part of those programs and contests. Among my classmates, I am usually the one sent by my school as a representative on some events and contests like quizbee. In fact, I was awarded to be the Most Active of my class. I also received some special awards from our City Mayor for the completion of the days being an Imus Youth. I recite well during class hours and I even tutor my classmates before finals. With those moments and achievement I had in my highschool days, I am proudly saying that I deserve to have this scholarship and I know that my characteristics made me a competitive applicant for this. That’s why, if blessed, I want to have this scholarship for I know that I am
responsible enough, committed to my studies and my aims and goals in life would always bring me to success because I wholeheartedly waste my full and best effort in doing everything to achieve what I want. I never surrender and stop until I get what I want and I always do my best just to maintain high and good grades. Through this scholarship, I would be able to achieve my dream of becoming a professional teacher someday that’s why I will do everything so that I will not lose this scholarship. Most of all, whith the confidence and determination I have as a student, I believe that granting me this award won’t be a waste at all.

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