I Day I Will Always Remenber Essay

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I Day I Will Always Remenber

City had made it into the cup final. As a family we all loved football, but this was a special match as my partner Max would be in the starting line up as the goal keeper. My daughter Sarah and I had been to many of his matches but this was a special one, this was a final.

There was a real buzz around my house that morning. We all got up early to help Max prepare for the match. I felt very proud as I helped him do up his tie. He looked so handsome in his suit. Max went on ahead to the match. As I kissed him goodbye it would be the last time I would see him until after the match. I wished him luck and told him I had confidence they would win. Sarah was very excited as her daddy would be on TV, she got her football top and we headed to the match. When we arrived at the grounds you could feel the excitement around you. Looking up into the stands it was amazing to see the rows and rows of City fans that had came along to support Max and the team. We met up with our family who had kept us seats in the front row. Great place to see all the action from.

Soon the music stated and the two teams came out. The whole stadium roared into action singing and cheering. I always felt little butterflies in my stomach when I saw Max in his football strip. I was nervous from the minute the starting whistle went. The ball went back and forward to each team member, both teams were putting their all into the game and were fighting for a win. Then twenty minutes into the game City got the goal they needed. Every fan jumped to their feet cheering. I looked down and could see the relief on Max face. Now it was his job to keep the shots out of his net and his team would win.

It was half time so as usual Sarah wanted to get chips. As we walked through the crowds I could hear people saying how great City were doing. As we got chips Sarah face was beaming with pride as she told the man her daddy was the goalkeeper. No matter what happened in the second half Max would always have his biggest fan in Sarah. The second half was hard to watch as the other team came out fighting even harder. Every time the ball came near City nets my heart was in my stomach. But I had nothing to worry about, Max made some great saves and as the final whistle went our half of the stadium were standing in uproar once again. City had done it, the cup was theirs .

I couldn’t hold back my tears as I watched Max and his team hug each other and cheer up in the crowd. Then Max catches my eyes and signalled down for Sarah to join him on the pitch. She looked up at me beaming with excitement when I told her. She run on down and was there when the team got there medals and lifted the cup. It was great that Sarah could be part of such an important moment. I loved watching my two most important people so happy and knew I would always remember it.

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