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I Believe in Happiness

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (503 words)
Categories: Emotion, Happiness, Psychology
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We’re often told that happiness is an impression, and some of us think it, in spite of the experience of our own life. Happiness is clearly not an impression, because we’ve all felt it, not once but sometimes. Without a doubt, every person has ever experienced some kind of unhappiness. This is a very unfortunate feeling. We constantly feel unhappy when we get sad news, or experience unfortunate circumstances. I think that if there was only happiness in this world, then all our worries and tears would be removed.

There would be no anguishes, no suicides and no getting involved with drugs.

I always attempt my best to be happy on all events, no matter which discomfort I experience. Whether the pain is emotional or physical, I think was that happiness is the essential and answer. There are numerous methods in which an individual could acquire joy. Personally, I find joy in assisting other individuals or attempting to deal with any problem if is my possibility.

Odd as it may appear, this is the reality. I came to know this when I was 14 years of ages. I think in happiness, when you make others happy, when you assist them to do things happen, your soul will end up being pleased.

I think in joy when you see others laugh, you feel satisfaction with yourself, you felt good. There is no cause for anybody to be sad all the time; everyone must have something to rely on in their time of need. Joy is what I believe makes the tough barriers appear a little softer at the time of effect. The majority of commonly, we understand after some time period, a few minutes, or a day, that we have actually mored than happy in the time simply previous. We have not thought of it one method or another, today that we do, we recognize we have actually mored than happy.

That’s why I think in happiness, That happiness occurs when we’re not paying attention to is as part of why happiness appears so strange. We understand a lot about what doesn’t make you happy. As a guideline, absolutely nothing you lack now will make you delighted when you get it. Similarly, purchasing things doesn’t make anyone happy, I think that money doesn’t make you happy enough than no material things. The limitless frustration of shoppers, thronging to the shops to obtain the new clothes of the season, the new automobile of the year design, is duplicated again and once again.

We make our purchase, and feel happy for a while. But soon the happiness fades. I believe that money does not always buy happiness, but it is not indicated that money cannot brings satisfaction. It is of great importance to deal with money more carefully and appropriately. I believe in happiness, the feeling that we can create everyday and without money, if you help other, if you make a difference you will continue patters for a better life and for a better future.

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