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I Believe

Belief, according to www. freedictionary. com, is the mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another. It can also mean the mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something. Religion and science come in mind when belief is the topic. There are these things we call faith and fact. Other topics appear like the strength of a family bond, friendship, effect of a teacher on a student, and relationships. Religion and science appear to be the most outstanding when it comes to topics like this.

There are too many people who question the things that they believe in and there are also a lot of people who firmly hold on to their beliefs as well. If asked, I would most likely write about religion and science and put them together, if possible. I believe in some of the scientific facts that we have so long held on to. For one, I believe that the theories and laws pertaining to physics are entirely accurate at the least, if not true in all instances. My every day experiences continue to reaffirm my beliefs in some of the most basic scientific facts.

For example, the Earth’s gravity keeps everything in the planet bolted to the ground, in a manner of speaking. I walk every day and I am certain that the Earth’s gravity prevents me from aimlessly floating in the air. The scientific fact that there is always an opposing reaction to each force is also evident in everyday life. From the moment I step on the concrete pathway to the moment I return to bed at the end of the day, each force of the movements that I make have corresponding opposite reactionary forces which I thoroughly believe with no doubt.

There is this question whether we believe in God or not. In science, there is this question on where the universe has all started. As for me, I do believe in God and I believe that He created the universe. I believe that God has no beginning and has no end. There are not too many occasions where I can relay a story where I can defend my belief in God and the creation of the universe. Although religion and science do not agree with each other all the time, there is something in me that bonds them together in my mind. When I say I believe in God, I do not reject my belief in science.

I know that God created the universe, and the way He did it, that’s where, I think, science enters. On one occasion, I was asked by a close relative if I truly believe that God created the universe. Apparently, I responded on the affirmative. He then asked if my reply meant that I do not believe in science. Not necessarily, I told him. I explained that even though science seeks to quantify and establish facts through a rigid scientific method, one that prevents personal bias from getting involved in the identification of truthful facts, it does not necessarily mean that science also seeks to dispute religion.

I told my relative to think of his body as an example. I told him that the human anatomy is composed of complex vital organs and processes that medical science has sought to explain and describe in purely scientific ways. Certainly, human evolution has played a key role in the development of our complex bodily organs and processes, and that his body is the product of the millions of years of evolution. However, I asked him if he thinks that something can come from nothing.

Puzzled for a brief moment, he replied that it is impossible for something to come from nothing for nothing has “nothing” in it to cause anything. I then asked if he believes in the Big Bang Theory, to which he responded that he is still thinking about it to this day. Regardless, I said that the Big Bang Theory can be reconciled with the idea that God created the universe. Personally, I find it rather amusing that some people are having a difficult time thinking that the universe began with a “Big Bang”, and that beginning is God’s way to create everything that we can now experience.

A masterful creator that God is, even the human body, I told my relative, has its roots from the image of God, and that human evolution is God’s way of helping the human species adapt to the changing environments of the planet which God created purposively in that manner. I believe in God and that it was in His power that created the universe. But because there is belief, one cannot help but doubt as well. Doubt can weaken the belief, but sometimes it can strengthen it too.

I believe in God and the theory that the creation of universe started from Him. But where is the proof that these even existed? As people typically say, there is no proof enough to transform the non-believer. For the believer, his belief are always enough to safeguard his religious thoughts. Although one may find it difficult to reconcile religion with science, there is no reason to believe that the two should always clash. On the contrary, religion can reaffirm scientific facts while these facts can also serve to reaffirm religious beliefs.

That science seeks the truth is enough to think that it ought not to be bias against religion because the quest for truth requires an open and critical mind without having to first establish a divergence from what religion espouses. That religion seeks to spread the same truth to humanity is enough to think that it ought not to dispose scientific facts as well. One can find plenty of common grounds between the two, and those are where people may begin to find their way into believing that science and religion can coexist in harmony.

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