I Am One of the 99% Essay

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I Am One of the 99%

The fact is all but that little 1% is one of the 99%. Does that mean that I need to march down the streets of different cities to tell everyone that I am one of the 99%, camp out for months at a time and take the charity of others, so that I can proclaim the fact that I am like 99% of the nation? I think not. 1% of the world controls most of the money and then the other 99% share in what is left. Between 2002 and 2007, the income of the 1% increased at least 10 times faster than the income of the 99%. The “Occupy” are proclaiming themselves as a true grassroots movement. By doing this, protesters are claiming they want to bring attention to problems we have in the nation. To me, it is just one big gripe session sit-in; one in which they do not provide any solutions to the problems they are complaining about. For instance, look at the incident in Oakland, California.

Protesters closed the Port; however, then some of them incited a riot which caused lots of property damage to store owners that are part of the 99%. The “Occupy” movement has gone global. There are protesters in London and Ireland with riots breaking out causing all kinds of property damage. Does this really help the cause of the “Occupy”; hurting the pockets of the 99%? I do not see how the “Occupy” is helping any city they come to protest in. I am not seeing any influx of money to the cities. As it stands, I am seeing rioting, property destruction, and charity being given to the protesters that could help the less fortunate of the city. By inciting a riot causing property damage, they caused businesses to pay money for repairs and incurred lost of income by having to be shut down.

This was money that these small businesses couldn’t afford. I believe in practicing our civil rights; however, any protest should be peaceful and follow the guidelines within the law. We do have problems with our economy. We do need change. I’m not sure that camping out is the way to get the change to take place. I believe we need to find people to put into positions to be able to help get changes into place. If the people that are protesting would bond together and elect these people in each state, changes could take place.

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