I am currently student at University of Wales Trinity Saint

I am currently student at University of Wales Trinity Saint David ,London Campus , my programme of study is Certificate of Higher Education in Skills for the Workplace (Health & Social Care),in this report I will reflect on the Academic and Employability Skills

I have studied and how these skills helped me improve my skills and develop them. I will use the reflection model of Gibb's (1988), using this six step model have to help to perceive your strengths, areas for development and moves you may take to beautify your expert skills.

Steps 1 - three relate to what took place all through the revel in and steps four - 6 attention on how you may enhance at the experience and final results inside the future. I will also reflect on the skill gaps I have and find ways to improve my gaps.

Gibb's Reflective Model


This module Academic and Employability skills helped me to improve myself not just with skills for professional use but also with academic skills.

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I learn about how can effectively managing my time, "time is irreplaceable, which means that time management skills are essential for success."(Pearce,2017). Online library, collected information was convenient for my research and helped me perform my research in academic and employability skills .

I improve my academic writing ,like how write a reflective report and the structure them, sentence and paragraphs and a new think for me how make references and citation on the report using Harvard references .

I also acquire a new information about cover letter, I discover more about CV and the methods that I can utilise for a successful interview.

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I found difficult do a presentation, I learn about but the public speaking is not my highlight. I found interesting the personal presentations of classmates. As well in this module I studied employability skills , a hard and fast of achievements, abilities, understandings and personal attributes - that makes graduates much more likely to advantage employment and achieve success in their selected occupations, which blessings themselves, the group of workers, the community and the economy like problem solving , interpersonal skills , personal skills and communication(Yorke,2004). I improve my communication skill , my lecturer with group discussion invite us to listening and communicate and this make me more confident .With this module I have significantly improve my ability to communicate, but I still have some gaps in my communication skills like speak clearly and slow and speak in the front of people.


When I read the topic for my assignment, I felt confused because I had never wrote anything like that. I think this assignment is going to be difficult for me because I didn't know how to write a reflective report or how to structure it. The topic didn't give me enough information and I felt confused and insecure for that reason.

The following week, my mind changed after the lecturer explained how to structure a report and talk about reflective writing, but the most useful thing was to write the diary and I learned that it 'provides a useful means to privately express inner thoughts or to reflect on daily experiences ' (Stahl,2009). On the advice of the lecturer I wrote what I felt each day, it was amazing to do it again after so long and I realize how much it helped me. I also read about reflective writing and report writing give me more information and understand my topic. Initial I was disappoint because I expect lessons more relate at health and social care , but after every lesson I go home with clearly idea and satisfaction, every lesson I learn something new and this make me felling happy. I mentioned the personal presentations of my classmates ,listening them was a touching moment , make me cry and lough in the same time .


In evaluation, I will reflect about the complete "Academic and Employability Skills" experience of this academic year. In both of these terms, I learn something new about various activities, such as curriculum vitae and cover letter, project including study / research strategies, reflection, time management, analytical and critical thinking skills and presentation skills. Some of this offers me significant benefits and improvements, a few need more time for have a improvement

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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