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I am at present studying at Kaplan International College I

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (481 words)
Categories: Business, College, Economics, Education, Learning, Psychology, Studying
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I am at present studying at Kaplan International College. I am currently studying a range of Skills for Study, Language for Study, Business Enterprise, Statistics, Business Environment, and Foundation Economics. I want to progress to City, the University of London to Study BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance because of Cass Business School it one of the famous schools in the UK and I can have many new communications with students from different counties. The reason I chose accounting and finance was because they were all connected to the business world, and while their work philosophy was the same every day, but sometimes they might have to deal with different types of tasks, so I thought the job was challenging, but interestingly, It is also instrumental in a normal life.

I was studying Foundation course in New Zealand last year, so when I finish the Kaplan Foundation, those are given me a firm foundation for studying Accounting and Finance at University. I also have good attendance, punctuality, behavior, homework and classroom assignments.

In addition to this, I have a passion for computers. I am familiar with the use of spreadsheets, word processing software and creative software, as well as learning about web design. I have excellent communication skills; this is my general study with friends from different countries to exercise out. I also have the ability to work as a team and strong self-confidence, which is what I get from my studies. This experience gave me a clear understanding of the future of the study plan, but also inspired me to continue my studies. I want to focus my energy on accounting and management. I sincerely hope to return to my motherland as an outstanding master of accounting, to help China develop its accounting practice and become a world leader in this field.

When I have free time, I would like to broaden my knowledge of different financial fields. I have read many different books on this subject. I realized how the issue of finance and economics affected everyone’s life and enhanced my desire to continue studying the subject. I think the two disciplines are well combined, and in many cases, I find that my knowledge of one subject has helped me to work with another issue. Learning statistic and business also allowed me to learn logic and have a deeper understanding of concepts and methods.

In conclusion, in my opinion, is that to be successful in academic research, you have to have a real passion for the subject, and I have the same passion for business and financial analysis. I hope this personal statement will prove that I am a confident and responsible student. Studying at Kaplan International College taught me a lot of things that books can’t learn. I hope this personal statement will prove that my passion for the subject is enough for me to enter the university and fulfill my ambitions.

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