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Hypothesis Testing Paper on Alcoholism Essay

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Last October 2007, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez implemented an increase in the taxes on liquors, beverages, and tobacco. President Chavez also tightened the restrictions applied on the importation of such products (Associated Press [AP], 2007). The increase and extra restriction are all part of his efforts to establish a socialist revolutionary associated with the sense of purity. He wanted to encourage Venezuelans to follow the life led by the Cuban iconic hero Ernesto “Che” Guevarra.

He also asserted the diminishing values of Venezuelans (AP, 2007).

Chavez quoted that Venezuela is one of the countries that consumes a great number of whisky in the world. Thus, he tightened the policies on liquor importation, specifically on the importation of whisky. The implementation of this policy will force business owners to buy black market dollar and trade with more than twice the official rate, resulting in a price increase of the products.

In this way, the consumers will be discouraged to purchase the products (AP, 2007). Chavez is also concerned with the Venezuelans having their drink at the streets.

The availability of alcohol in streets will demoralize their society. He ordered the seizing of beer trucks that sell alcohol in the streets of Venezuela. Chavez would like to impose important and useful Socialist values but it would be hard to contest with the traditional ways of living and culture of the people (AP, 2007).

This course of action made by Hugo Chavez justifies only the prevalence of a certain kind of addiction. Alcoholism or alcohol dependence syndrome is the usage of alcohol on irregular and destructive pattern. Alcoholism will lead to social, occupational and medical impairment (Long, 2008). Alcohol dependence syndrome is a change in behavioral, psychological and mental aspect of an individual in which he is given a much higher priority than the things or behaviors that once had greater value (World Health Organization [WHO], 1992).

Alcoholism, a disease acquired through the excessive amount of alcohol intake is characterized by the following elements; (1) craving, which is characterized by an urge or need to drink; (2) loss of control, which refers to the inability of a person to regulate the amount of drink he will have; (3) physical dependence, as manifested by withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, drowsiness, and anxiety, that are often relieved by drinking alcohol or taking sedative drug; and (4) tolerance, or the need for more amount of alcohol intake in order to satisfy the need (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [NIAAA], 2006).

To determine if an individual is already suffering from this disorder, Long (2008) provided the most common symptoms of alcoholism. First, the alcoholic is observed to take in large amounts of alcohol or spend more time than usual in taking alcohol. Second, efforts to reduce the amount of alcohol intake are also often unsuccessful. Third, a great deal of time is spent in recovering from hangovers or the aftermath of alcohol intake. Fourth, participation in social, occupational, and recreational activities is also reduced or neglected because of alcohol use.

Finally, excessive use of alcohol is continued despite knowing physical and psychological injury that is worsened by alcohol intake (Long, 2008). Alcoholism has little to do with the kind of liquor or beverage that one prefers to drink. It deals mostly with the person’s inability to control the excessive intake of alcohol. The above descriptions will help us understand why there are people who cannot just quit drinking using only their will power.

They are under the strong influence of and have an intense craving for alcohol with the same effect brought by food and water (NIAAA, 2006). It is also very important to determine other environment and social factors that turn a person into an alcoholic, such as peer and family influences, availability of alcohol, cultural and societal influences and stress (NIAAA, 2006; “Alcoholism,” 2008). While there are some people who were able to overcome the strong need for alcohol, many alcoholics need outside assistance to recover from their addiction.

With the help of support groups, such as the renowned Alcoholics Anonymous which is a group composed of former drunks, alcoholics can stop their addiction and start a new life.


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