Hydroxide Essay Topics

Hydroxyl group

Vanillin is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla beans that is used as a popular flavoring agent in food stuffs. Recently, it was found that some of food processing and food manufacturing companies are making food items using harmful ingredients in order to save their production cost. Since vanillin is used widely… View Article

Determination of the Solubility of Calcium Hydroxide

1. Roughly fill a beaker with 200cm? of distilled water. This does not need to be accurate because samples will be taken from this. 2. Add solid calcium hydroxide, a spatula at a time, and stir to aid the dissolving. 3. Continue to add the calcium hydroxide until no more will dissolve i. e. you… View Article

Natural vs. Relaxed

Are we ashamed our natural beauty? Is Relaxed the new natural? Is natural hair not gorgeous anymore? Is straight now really the best hair to have? Nowadays women give their daughters’ relaxers way too early. Giving your daughter a relaxer at age six is way too early their hair barely had anytime to grow out… View Article