Hydrogen vehicles Essay

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Hydrogen vehicles

Introduction There are many debates that are advocating for a proper implementation of transport systems, involving greatly upgraded sea transport, conversion of freight industry away from the road network. It is therefore possible for a company to reduce greenhouse gas for the benefit of the environment, through the adaptation of these transport systems. The debates also advocates for the use of hydrogen fuelled cars. This kind of vehicles use hydrogen gas as their powering tool and is considered the safest to the environment.

Hydrogen gas cars are said to be somehow expensive, and technologically complex but with great investments companies can be able to utilise them effectively and help reduce the greenhouse gases. Most automobile companies are beginning to use these types of cars with a vision of minimizing costs, especially given the fact that fuel prices are even getting more expensive. Since fuel prices are becoming part of the company’s concerns, there is a need for the companies to effectively seek to have their transport systems to become compliant with the policies in the motor industry sector.

So far, hydrogen cars are therefore increasingly being sought after as a matter of commitment by the companies. Discussion The hydrogen is normally derived from the renewable or non- renewable sources, where it is thereafter used on a daily basis. its sources are best known to be solar, water, wind and nuclear powers, though it is found that many vehicles using hydrogen as their source of energy tend to be less polluting the environment than those using gasoline and diesel, this is because, the used hydrogen fuel cells has a less production of carbon dioxide than normal combustion engines.

Hydrogen is understood as the lightest fuel that appears in a gaseous state, operated at an atmospheric pressure and an ambient temperature containing a low level of carbon gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, this gas is normally stored under a storage system which allows it to be stored as compressed hydrogen, liquid hydrogen in the materials such as the metal hydrides. The reason for this invention is that these vehicles are found to be producing no air pollutants, but instead they only emit heat.

It is basically considered as an alternative fuel in vehicles due to its mode of creation that is, it can be made from a number of resources and its characteristics of allowing a clean-burning procedure. The production of this gas has been proposed to be carrying various advantages such as; enabling a stronger national energy security, it also brings about a reduction on the green house gas emissions thus allowing an improvement in the quality of the environmental air, and the other advantage is that of enhancing an increase in the energy efficiency in particular countries.

In this case, we find that the United States had a record of 200 hydrogen powered vehicle as in the month of April 2007, these vehicles are based in California, they are normally those cars that run at a high speed, which have been said to be already running on the hydrogen fuel, this vehicles include buses, submarines aeroplanes and also rockets. Though this invention is not yet available in most motor markets, this invention is being established various vehicle fleets an example of this is that of the Honda which is widely known as a light duty vehicles.

The United State is said to be concentrating on the invention of more hydrogen vehicles that are meant to cover the whole transport sector in the nation by bringing up more hydrogen refueling stations, this activity is conducted by Department of Energy’s FreedomCAR, Vehicle expertise and the (HFCIT) the Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies Programs, which are said to have developed to be conducting supervision on the performance of the fuel cell vehicles and also sustaining the hydrogen transportation.

Under this development we find that the State is trying hard to cut off its dependency on the oil from the Middle East whereby, we see that it has more plans to transform its oil system and start depending on the fuel resulting from hydrogen which carry advantage of not pollute the environment. According to research, it is reported that 95% of the transportation industry depends on hydrogen, under which 65% is used for transportation.

Many scientists argue that this invention will take long before it is accepted by the transportation sector, but many companies are found to be investing in the hydrogen vehicle invention. An example is the Ford company which has come up with a plan of launching hybrid electric powered vehicles, this vehicles are meant to act as a solution to energy conservation that are therefore likely to be replaced by the hydrogen vehicles. Conclusion

A lot has been said about the market of the hydrogen vehicles, many argue that this invention will take along time to be accepted in the market but we see that there are many governments and the motor industries, are for the idea of using the hydrogen fuel, whereby they have seen coming up with various programs which will implement the invention of these vehicles, thus overcoming the technical and cost barriers accruing in the invention.

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