Hydrochloric Essay Topics

Hydrolysis of an ester

For the hydrolysis of methyl benzoate, care must be taken throughout the procedure as a number of dangerous substances are being used. During the procedure a labcoat, goggles, and gloves must be worn throughout. Specific safety instructions for chemicals or procedures are explained in the step that they are introduced. Observations, readings, and necessary safety… View Article

The burette was cleaned with de-ionized water

To determine relative molecular mass of a soluble base, X2CO3 by carrying out an acid-base titration with the following reaction , knowing the amount of hydrochloric acid used and the amount of substance Z used. Hypothesis: The X in substance Z is a group 1 element because substance Z is a soluble metal carbonate and… View Article

Atomic mass unit

Substance Z is sodium carbonate because the relative atomic mass of X calculated is 22. 99. The actual relative atomic mass of sodium is 22. 99. Hence, we can conclude X is sodium. 6) If de-ionized water was added into the volumetric flask beyond the calibration mark, the exact concentration of the solution of standard… View Article