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Husbands & wives are working Essay

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The study I am reviewing is “Do Husbands contribute more to domestic tasks when their wives are working?” This study has been researched and concluded by S. Bond. As the title suggests, this study tries to quantify the correlation between families where both partners work, compared to stay at home wives with working husbands. There have been numerous studies carried out in the area of conjugal roles in the home by sociologists such as Young & Wilmot, Oakley and Martin & Roberts. The writer uses information collected in the ‘Social Trends Survey 1991’ to ascertain if the new man role is still evident.

Theoretical Context of the Study

In this study the writer does not indicate which theoretical context he has used. I believe this study to be based upon the feminist approach, as he frequently makes reference to the roles of men and women. Specific references to the new man in the 1980’s and how it did not last, displaying the stereotypical roles of male’s and female’s to be true.

Methodological Approach and Methods Used

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The methodical approach used by S. Bond is the Positivist approach as they have used Quantitative data to collect its results. A questionnaire was used allowing the researcher to assemble the statistics that can then be easily quantified. This is possibly the easiest form of gathering information to answer specific questions and giving clear answers.

The researcher has established their conclusions by using this source and produced primary data. The researcher has carried out the questionnaire on a small scale asking 10 cohabiting couples that were friends or parents of friends. It was compiled using questions to gather information on their input roles inside the household, and the time spent fulfilling these roles.

As the researcher states in the report this was a quick and cheap option as they were on a limited time scale. Out of the 10 couples used 5 had the females permanently at home while the other 5 female partners worked full time. This was to see if the males in the home shared any more domestic duties as their partners worked the same hours.

The questionnaire is made up of closed questions to make it easier for the researcher to turn the information into numerical data. The researcher shows how by using a questionnaire that they are using a form that is confidential and do not require any form of identity such as name or age, as there is an ethical issue in the research. The title of the questionnaire gives a clear idea of what the exact research is about, helping those taking part. The researcher collates the findings in graphs and a table. It gives a clear reading of the results.

The researcher would have had to look at what method would give the best validity and reliability. A questionnaire would give the researcher good reliability.

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