Hurricane Katrina and Sandy Essay

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Hurricane Katrina and Sandy

On August 28, 2005 Hurricane Katrina was in the Gulf of Mexico were it was a category 5 storm and winds estimated up to 175 miles per hour. At 7:10 am on August 29 hurricane Katrina made landfall in southern Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. It made landfall as a category 3 hurricane and maximum winds up to 135 miles per hour. The hurricane caused a total of 1,833 fatalities. And the damage cost of this hurricane was $ 108 billion dollars. On October 27, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall. Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine. It made more damage in New Jersey and New York. Its storm surge hit New York City on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city. Damage in the US is estimated at over $63 billion Both Katrina and Sandy were extremely destructive Atlantic hurricanes.

They were the costliest and second costliest hurricanes in U.S. history with Price tags of $108 billion and $63 billion. Both formed during very active hurricane seasons. Both were extremely large hurricanes, causing high storm surges and very widespread damage. Both flooded and shut down major U.S. cities. Hurricane Katrina was far more intense than Sandy, peaking as a category 5 storm with 175 mph winds and striking the U.S. as a category 3. Sandy was a category 2 storm at peak strength with 110 mph winds, and hit the U.S. at category 1 intensity. Hurricane Katrina started on a westward path, hitting Florida and then turning north to hit the U.S. Gulf coast. Hurricane Sandy started on a northward path, before making a westward turn to hit the U.S. east coast. Hurricane Katrina’s damage was almost exclusively in the United States while Sandy caused significant damage and several dozen deaths in the Caribbean. Hurricane Katrina was far deadlier than Sandy, killing more than 1,800 people. Hurricane Sandy killed just over 200 people.

Friday, August 26, 2005 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco declares state of emergency. Saturday, August 27, 2005 Blanco asks President Bush to declare federal state of emergency for Louisiana. Sunday, August 28, 2005 New Orleans makes evacuation order mandatory. They also order the Superdome opened as a shelter of last resort. Wednesday, August 31, 2005 Evacuation of the Superdome begins. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called National Guard members to help in the state. Mayor Bloomberg announced that New York City public schools would be closed Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31, but they actually remained closed until November 2. Gas shortages throughout the region led to an effort by the U.S. federal government to bring in gasoline and set up mobile truck distribution at which people could receive up to 10 gallons of gas, free of charge The effects on the people were devastating. The main effect of the Hurricane for the people was that their homes and businesses were destroyed.

This forced the people onto the streets as they had no choice. Problems like this, food and fresh water was gone people were forced to the streets which resulted in violence, racial aggression, theft and murder. People were continuously dying due to water born diseases. Families were separated Sandy affected the people by them not going to work and making them loss their money. Another thing that lost money was Wall Street because a lot of people had to go to work and most of their jobs were in Manhattan were there they lost a lot of electricity Also the transportation was bad the train stations were shut down. Gasoline was problem for a lot of people to. The problems that the people from New Orleans face when Hurricane Katrina struck them was environmental problems, such as water-born diseases, environmental pollution as chemicals and sewage mix in the cities and spill into the oceans.

Also poor crisis management slow response of federal authorities such as FEMA. Three days after Hurricane Sandy struck there was no transportation because of severe flooding and fallen trees caused major traffic accidents and public transportation delays. Many people had to go to work but they could not find a way to get to there jobs. Another problem people had during Hurricane Sandy was gasoline. The gasoline was I very big factor to the crises that people had during this time of period.

And also all of people were without any homes. I think that this two hurricanes were the most destructive storms in the United States. These two affected a lot of people from were they got hit. Hurricane Sandy affected the whole east coast mostly in New York and New Jersey. in Breezy Point a lot of house were burned down. The Jersey shore board walk was is destroyed. And hurricane Katrina destroyed a lot of houses and flooded the city of New Orleans. But I think the worst hurricane was Katrina cause of the deaths they had and the billions of dollars they spent.

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