Hurricane Island: Outward Bound School Case

The objectives of the organization is to provide a safe, challenging, educational experiences in a wilderness setting with is carefully structured to improve self-esteem, self-reliance, concern for others and care for the environment.

The strategy taken to achieve that is by carefully constructing the course to provide the challenges while ensuring safety, having the course directors and an active Trustee Safety Committee to rigorously monitored the activities and instructors, and also making sure the instructors are all certified and qualified.

So far i think both the objectives and strategy complement each other.

The customers are people that search for adventure, wanting to do something more exciting in their life. They are segmented to high school, college students and adults. they are buying the experience of the lifetime that most of their traditional classes or 9-5 job won’t provide.

The organization is divided between how to juggle between maintaining their core values yet be sustainable. Their strength is that many of those working in the organization are passionate about what they do and really believe it.

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This give them real motivation. But their weakness is they do not know how to maximize the utilization of resources, be sustainable, yet able to focus and provide experience for the underprivileged.

The various program can help strategize the organization to better position themselves both. The effort put in could be quantify by the amount of increase in recruitment and revenue.

Marketing management should have a free hand in resources in the effort in attracting more clients and increase revenue, however operations management will need to focus on the core value of the organization and be the check and balance to the marketing, making sure in the effort to increase revenue, they do not lose focus on the directions.

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Philip chin should continue with his effort to attract more corporate clients, while making sure his strategy does not take precedent of the core value of the organization

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Hurricane Island: Outward Bound School Case

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