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Hurricane: Atmospheric Hazard
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Atmospheric hazards are produced in or by the earth’s atmosphere. An example of an atmospheric hazard is a hurricane, which are colossal atmospheric hazards in which winds move in a counterclockwise direction at high velocities. Hurricanes develop in warm ocean waters and move inland, wreaking destruction on the built and natural environment. These storms can range from a Category 1, with 74 to 95 mph wind speed, to a massive Category 5, with wind speeds reaching 157 mph or higher.…...
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Tropical Cyclone – Hurricane
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Hurricanes have different names, but their proper scientific name is a tropical cyclone. Depending on where you live hurricanes go by different names. For example, in the Caribbean, and North America they call them hurricanes, as opposed to in Southeast Asia they go by typhoons. Hurricanes require warm water to form which is why they usually form over tropical oceans causing a storm to form. One single storm can reach up to hundreds of thousands of square miles and have…...
Superstorm Sandy Hurricane
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Superstorm Sandy was a hurricane that occurred late in the hurricane season that turned into a huge tropical storm. Sandy was first associated with a tropical type wave that left the western coast of Africa on October 11, 2012. As the wave was moving toward the United States it hit a large upper-level trough over the eastern Atlantic on October 12 and 13th. This produces a very large area of rain showers and Thunderstorms, but it was considered to strong…...
HurricaneHurricane Sandy
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How Hurricanes are Being Formed
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The purpose of this paper is to provide evidence on how hurricanes are being formed and what happens as they increase in power and move along their paths. This event includes the scientific background of how they start and what variables interact and affect this process. As well as how location affects how hurricanes form. This paper also goes into the scientific reasoning behind hurricane spreading and categorizing hurricanes by certain traits they received from when they were being formed,…...
Earth Science: Hurricanes and Weather
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Every living creature that lives on earth must deal with the endlessly changing forces called weather. There very few people that have any understanding of it. All living creatures have carefully watched this shifting display of climate and weather since well before the beginning of history, for the weather, then as now influenced every human activity. According to the national Weather service web site “Weather can be defined as the condition of the air at any particular place and time-…...
Earth ScienceHurricaneScienceTornadoWeather
Hurricanes occur in MEDC’s (More Economically Developed Countries) and in LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Countries)
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Outline the causes of any 2 different types of hazards Hazards are possible sources of danger. Types of hazards are those such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A cause is what makes something happen and is a reason for it happening. The two types of hazards I will be outlining the causes for are hurricanes and earthquakes. A hurricane and tropical storms are cyclones. When the winds reach a constant speed of 74 miles per hour or more, it…...
Hurricane Hits England
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This issue lies deep in the heart of many black people and is indicated when Nichols uses the words "trampled" and "oppressed. " These two words sum up how blacks were treated. However, Nichols highlights the fact that these are usually stereotypes and that blacks have now broken away from that period. This is repeatedly conveyed in the poem, for example, where it says: "For the abused stereotype already in their heads. " Here, Nichols is explaining how judgemental others…...
Compare and contrast the poem “presents from aunts in Pakistan” and “hurricane hits England”
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The two poems are both about an individual who has moved to England from their homeland, they both receive a reminder of their past that takes them on their journey to explore and consider their cultural identities. Alvi the writer of preasants from aunts in Pakistan receives beautifull clothing from her aunts in Pakistan, but living in England she is in a dilemma as wearing theise clothes would distance herself from her English peers. Nichols, writer of hurricane hits England…...
Compare And ContrastHurricanePakistanPoems
Analysis of The hurricane`- a song by bob Dylan and Mountain language`- a play by Harold Pinter
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Pages • 6
The hurricane: * `The hurricane`- this is a song by bob Dylan. The song is about Rubin carter ( a iconic black boxer) who did 22 years in prison for a triple-homicide that he didn't commit * `Mountain language`- a play by Harold Pinter. This is a play about a group of `Mountain people` who are persecuted because of their language. There were four different themes that ran through both of the stimuli: Racism, injustice, corruption and bigotry (prejudice). To…...
Bob DylanHurricaneLanguageSong
The Hurricane
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The Hurricane It was a stormy night, and the coffee shop was having an open-mic night for people to tell stories about them. I could feel the intensity of the storm, the lightning sounded like booming rockets. The day me and my friends got stuck outside I said looking at the crowd. It was just a normal Thursday, and I woke that day with confidence as I just finished my book report. It was the usual at home, I was…...
Integrated Science, Hurricanes Definition Causes and Precautions
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The winds weaken with height. · The centers of the hurricane are warmer than their surroundings · They form under weak high altitude winds. ·The air also sinks at the center of a hurricane and the main energy source is the latent heat of condensation. ·They weaken rapidly over land. Definition: A Hurricane is an intense tropical weather system with a well defined circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 knots) or higher. In the western Pacific, hurricanes…...
“Hurricane Hits England” By Grace Nichols and “Storm on the Island”
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"Hurricane Hits England" about a hurricane that came across from the Caribbean and hit the South coast of England (Sussex). In 1987 the poem takes place at night and follows the poet, Grace Nichols, as she talks and questions the hurricane like it were an old friend. "Storm on the lsland" is set on the top of a cliff on a barren island off the coast of Ireland. It describes the storm and how the village people are prepared for…...
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“Hurricane Hits England” and “Search For My Tongue”
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Compare how a person's culture is shown to be important in "Hurricane Hits England" and in one other poem. In both "Hurricane Hits England" and "Search For My Tongue", the poems explore the theme of culture being important to person, both poems approach this theme in different ways. In "Hurricane Hits England", the poet uses the method of flashbacks to explore the theme, whereas "Search For My Tongue" approaches this theme by putting us in the author's shoes. In "Hurricane…...
Hurricanes and tornadoes contribute
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Hurricanes and tornadoes are two of the most deadly storms which hit the United States every year. Often confused with each other, hurricanes and tornadoes contribute to over 80 deaths and 1500 injuries a year. Hurricanes and tornadoes are similar and different in unexpected ways. The experiences of living through a hurricane or tornado can be life changing. Both tornadoes and hurricanes destroy homes, businesses, and take people lives. Each type of storm has an eye. The eye of a…...
Hurricanes: Natural Disaster
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Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are all extremely strong tropical storms. Tropical storms are storms that originate in tropics and have wind speeds 36-73 mph. Once it reaches tropical storm status, the storm is given a name, and tracked by radar. The storm continues to grow and gain energy. Most tropical storms reach hurricane status in the western parts of the oceans. Their earliest origins often lie far to the east called tropical disturbances. Tropical disturbances are clusters of small thunderstorms.…...
HurricaneHurricane KatrinaNatural DisasterThunderstorm
Tsunami vs Hurricane
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Tsunamis and typhoons are nature's furies. They both develop catastrophes and damage in the world. However, tsunamis and typhoons are various in their respective ways. A tsunami is a series of ocean waves, which is triggered by surges of water reaching heights of 100 feet or more. A cyclone, on the other hand, is a powerful storm. When talking of the origin of tsunamis and typhoons, they are formed by 2 various forces. Hurricanes are formed over warm ocean waters…...
HurricaneThunderstormTsunami A Natural Disaster
Typhoon Pablo
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Blown with the wind, deaths due to the fact that of flash floods, fallen trees, and landslides. That is what happened in locations in Mindanao raked by the effective Typhoon Pablo. Pablo moved promptly on its anticipated path, sending roofings flying off from homes, hundreds of coconut trees falling, flash floods ravaging the villages, canceling of flights and ferry services, church bells calling, and sirens wailing in a big part of Mindanao where the Category 5 storm passed. Hurricane Pablo…...
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy
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Superstorm Sandy was a hurricane that occurred late in the hurricane season that turned into a huge tropical storm. Sandy was first associated with a tropical type wave that left the western coast of Africa on October 11, 2012. As the wave was moving toward the United States it hit a large upper-level trough over the eastern Atlantic on October 12 and 13th. This produces a very large area of rain showers and Thunderstorms, but it was considered to strong…...
HurricaneHurricane Sandy
Hurricane Island: Outward Bound School Case
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The objectives of the organization is to provide a safe, challenging, educational experiences in a wilderness setting with is carefully structured to improve self-esteem, self-reliance, concern for others and care for the environment. The strategy taken to achieve that is by carefully constructing the course to provide the challenges while ensuring safety, having the course directors and an active Trustee Safety Committee to rigorously monitored the activities and instructors, and also making sure the instructors are all certified and qualified.…...
Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan’s Song “Hurricane”
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Paper Type:Critical essays
Bob Dylan's iconic songwriting, unique and distinctive singing voice, as well as his controversial and thought-provoking lyrics has undoubtedly placed Dylan among the elites of modern, American musical history. This is not to say there are those who dislike and generally do not care for his songwriting, but almost everyone has come in contact with his expansive body of work. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota, he moved to New York City in 1961 and legally changed…...
Bob DylanHurricaneSocial Commentary ExamplesSong
Comparison of Hurricane and Tornado Natural Disasters
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Two very dangerous Natural Disasters are hurricanes and tornadoes. Tornadoes and hurricanes are not to be played around with, you can get hurt very badly. You should stay in a safe place when one is occurring or evacuate the premises. Try to alert other people when you hear one coming. Also, watch the news to see where it is at and how bad it is there. A tornado is a rapidly spinning tube of air that touches both the ground…...
ComparisonHurricaneNatural DisasterTornado
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How Hurricanes are Being Formed
...During this process, the winds have to be between 20 and 30 knots. Next in this process is a tropical storm. This stage usually begins heavy rainfall. This forms, when winds have been maximized winds have increased to 35-64 knots. This is when the hu...
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