Hunting to live. Do we still do it today? Essay

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Hunting to live. Do we still do it today?

Environmentalists the world round have slandered hunters, continually bashing hunting and those involved therewith. In defense, the hunters pull out their age old arguments which they themselves do not understand. As usual in the course of such activities, as with many contentious subjects, the presenting of the truth to the general public within the mudslinging of the opposing sides usually reaches a point of utter neglect. Generally the snippets of truth given are emblazoned on flyers, taken out of context, and otherwise left as another sort of persuading technique.

In such a case, the audience of said snippets will need to make sure that they remain cognizant of the entire situation. Therefore, when a hunter states that an environmentalist simply fights against the hunter at all cost to destroy them; the hunter also does many like things to the environmentalist, and thus one must proverbially take it with a grain of salt. Even so, environmentalists as well as hunters continue to argue among themselves about the vitality, ethicality, and the necessity of hunting. Many environmentalists reserve the feeling that the cruelty hunting inflicts to animals makes it unethical.

Many will claim that a hunter simply takes his weapon of choice to the woods and repeatedly fires willy-nilly at anything and everything that moves, inducing painful wounds to those harvested and stress to animals that remain within earshot of the noise. The fallacies of these arguments are plain. The human’s subconscious mind strives perpetually for perfection. When a hunter misses, be it a wounding shot or no, one can be sure to find the hunter at the target range the next day, striving to place the bullet correctly.

As to the stress factor, I have on several occasions had the opportunity to personally observe deer walking aimlessly as inconsiderate neighbors target practiced less than 200 yards away, easily within earshot. Said deer always showed no signs of concern, though several of the deer had browsed nearby as I harvested another earlier. Such strong evidence proves the fact that hunters do in fact coexist with the environment and strive to protect it, not the opposite. With all this said, still the hunter finds himself maligned and misunderstood.

This generally comes of the hunter’s premonition to either not care about those opposing them or to overreact. All things considered, environmentalists do a great job of selling their agenda. They paint a picture of wanton abuse and murder, but in truth this exaggerates a simple pixel of a much larger picture. As aforementioned, one must remain certain to look at the whole, dispelling untruths or partial truths. Of course, most of the American public has no inclination to find out the truth. In said scenario, the hunter continues in their portrayal as brusque murderers.

As the public persists in see hunters in this way, less and less people will find the urge to hunt. Already this has happened. In fact, only close to seven percent of the population actively hunts, as opposed to the near 100% only 250 years before. If this trend continues, the world will ultimately come to a brutal conclusion. Hunters provide many essential portions of our environment. Frankly, without hunters the world would have no trouble reaching complete disrepute. (Gibbons, 3) Hunters are major contributors to population and climate control, which remains beneficial for obvious reasons.

Hunters also contribute to a livened economy, which in the United States happens to have a great service. (Ekstrom, 12) Remove hunting, and you destroy the economy, the environment, and along with it many lives. Hunting today remains as it always has, as a humane, logiacal way to control populations, stimulate economy, and generate good health. If the environmentalist goes on unchecked in their rally against hunters, the inevitable will happen. In short, the world will collapse. Do we still hunt to live? One must choose for oneself.

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