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Hunting skills Essay

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Hunting skills

Without hunting we would all be dead. Our ancestors needed to hunt for food and clothing. Hunting is very important to our human history. Today hunting is not as significant to some people, the populaces who hunt these days hunt for food or they hunt for a hobby. To hunt successfully, you need patience, the equipment and skill.

Patience is one of the key ingredients to a good hunt. One of the hardest things to do for me is being patience because half of the time you are sitting (or standing) in one spot looking for the animal and if you see the animal you got to debate whether you want it or to look for a better animal. If it is not in a good position you got to wait for it to move to get a good shot. Having patience is one of the best things to have when hunting.

Having the right equipment when hunting is like going to school with a pencil it is common sense. The weapon is the most important so you can get the animal, but you need different weapons for different animals like 22. is good for hunting grouse, not for hunting a moose. Clothing is second; you do not want to go hunting in a T-shirt and jeans there is clothing made just for hunting. The right gear is vital to a successfully hunt.

Skill is everything you need to be a great hunter. First a skilled hunter would know how to find the animal, where it lives. Second you need to be a good shot because you do not want to miss the animal then it would get scared and run away. Also you do not want to shot the animal more than once because the meat would get ruined. Skill is all you need to have a good hunt.

Hunting is a way of life and a hobby to some. People have been hunting throughout the ages and are still hunting today.

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