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Hunting of tuko Essay

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Hunting of tuko

These past few weeks I keep hearing about TUKO or Tokay gecko in our place. My aunts, uncles, neighbors and even my father were so anxious of finding one. Well.. I thought they were being crazy. Dah!!.. How come they would want such weird looking lizard?! Well.. Here’s the catch! This Tuko hunting thing is not as peculiar as I thought.. well because practically several places here in our country where actually hunting tuko for years now. Huh!

How really weird I thought! Well.. on the other hand.. I’m maybe the weird here.. I was so intrigued with this issue that it forces me to have my own researched about this stuff hoping I could toned down their interest about these tukos. Well here’s the catch again. I bet after reading what I had found out you would go and searched your mountains and coconut trees hoping to also catch even just one tuko. Because pals…This lizard is for SALE!

Accordingly, each marketable size of this (around 300g-400g and above) would give you a dazzling P100, 000/100g (it actually depends on its size)!! You may wonder why it’s so expensive.. well here’s why.. Tuko or Tokay Gecko is a reptile.. well a nocturnal arboreal geckoactually, is said to cure cancer and AIDS. It has been a medical experiment that Tokay’s tongue contains chemical substance that has anti-tumor effects and can cure AIDS.

This is why I said earlier that its selling price depends on its size.. since accordingly.. ”the larger its size.. the bigger it tongues would be”. However, the WHO (world health organization) did not support the fact about it as a cure for AIDS. But on the other hand, it was proven by some Chinese experts as they had been successful in developing a drug treatment for tumors from Tokay’s tongue that it can prevent cancer(that eventually started the tuko hunting fever in different countries).

Well, I guessed to those who hunt Tokay doesn’t bother if it could really cure such illnesses.. coz what matters to them is that there would be a solid market for such product.. Which would also mean..? A perfect source of income! But tuko hunters… BEWARE! ‘coz accordingly, those who will be caught (which by the way FYI tokays were also considered ENDANGERED SPECIEs) would definitely be spending his several years in jail!

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