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Hunting life Essay

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Hunting life

Throughout the pastoral poem, there are several different symbols. The symbols I used were deer, dreams and fear. The deer symbolizes a trophy. I used it as a trophy because if you get your winning deer then that means you have gotten out of this small town and moved onto bigger and better things. Another symbol was dreams because the only way to be able to follow your dreams is to actually be successful and get away from the town/area that is holding you back. Last, I used fear because you get scared to actually take control of your future and to take control of your dreams to get away and be successful in life without being judged or held back.

These symbols were used throughout the entire pastoral poem and relate to real life. Death and Mourning The theme that was used in my pastoral poem was death and mourning. Death is used by the symbolization of the deer. Even though the deer did not physically die, it shows the death of getting out of town. Being in this small town shows that you cannot go out and see what you want to see or pursue your dreams because you are stuck.

This is causing you to die on the inside. Mourning is incorporated into this pastoral poem by dreading not “killing” the deer. This is because if you would have just killed it you would be out of this town but now you really are stuck until you “kill” it. Death and mourning is shown throughout this pastoral poem as the theme. Grove 2 Hunting Life Silence all around deep in the woods. Isolated for the good sitting in my tree stand, Up in the tree stand waiting for my deer,But after several days I am beginning to fear.

Aside from the fear, the fear of not getting my deer, I think about life and embrace silence, While dreaming about succeeding as I breathe in the cool air. As I sit in my tree stand I finally think I hear a deer. Slowly I raise the gun to my chin, getting him centered in my sight. That kill shot is right there. I cannot help but to grin because I have been waiting so long. Waiting so long in my tree stand for my deer. So I take a deep breath, let it out and squeeze.

Adrenaline has now gotten the best of me. Shaking, thinking and hoping to please, And then I see the monster is instantly down. I fly down my stand, run to his side and kneel in the blood, He is my 10 point prize. But then I realize this is just a dream, The dream of actually getting anywhere. Grove 3 In this town you can only dream, Dream of succeeding and getting away from this life. Silence is always the key, Keep quiet, breathe in the cool air and maybe you will get your prized deer.

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